Ivara Prime Give-Away

With the launch of Ivara Prime in Warframe we’re proud to present you the opportunity not only to win your own Ivara Prime, but a whole Ivara Prime Access pack. In cooperation with Digital Extremes we’re giving away a ‘Artemis Bow’ package, including Platinum, cosmetics and more. Also make sure to read through our rules.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to be the first to read about more news, guides and the regular give-aways. You’ll find our channels on the left side of the webpage (โ€œFollow Usโ€). To everyone participating in this give-away: Good luck!

The Rules

  • To participate in this giveaway, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your preferred platform. Make sure to use a valid email address so we can send you an email if you are the winner!
  • The giveaway is for every platform (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4).
  • You do have 72 hours to respond to our email (if you are the winner), otherwise we contact someone else.
  • The giveaway ends on January 10, 2020, at 23:59 CEST.

The Ivara Prime Artemis Bow Pack

Here is what you are able to win:

  • 3.990 Platinum
  • Ivara Prime
  • Baza Prime
  • Aksomati Prime
  • Exclusive Ivara Prime Profile Glyphs
  • Prime Accessories

For more details on the pack switch over to the Prime Access Page!


Author: WarframeSchool

319 thoughts on “Ivara Prime Give-Away

  1. I only recently started playing warframe again but ivara and ash have always stood out as my favourite frames; so happy that I can finally play as ivara prime! Keep up the informative posts, and thanks for the giveaway.

    Preferred platform: PC

    1. I love sitting on my zipline while on prawl and just destroying stuff in survival while my kavat draws them together.
      Anyways, thanks for the giveaway!

      Preferred platform: PC

    2. I want Ivara because she is super cool and useful and because I just recently started playing the game after a long time away from it and this would make it so much better to catch up on the stuff I missed.

      Preferred Platform:PC

  2. Preferred platform : PC
    Ivara and Limbo are my choice when it come to Spy mission.
    She’s also my choice when i need to go to fortuna.
    Thanks for all the informative post and the giveaway!

  3. It would be nice to take part on this contest why not heh keep it up and happy holydays :3

    Preferred Plataform: PlayStation 4

  4. Preferred platform: PC
    This will be an amazing holiday gift for me! I am new to warframe but already addicted to it. I hope to win this giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  5. Preferred platform: PC

    I play Warframe since the early days and you know what?
    To farm Ivara was so much fun, and as I finally got the last piece I was literally screaming ~ so naturally would these give away such an awesome way to give Ivara the love she deserves ~
    Otherwise I wish everyone here good luck :’D
    Best present for the holidays

  6. Plataform: PC
    I found the ivara prime very beautiful with these veils on her head looks like a bride, I want this pack in order to make a perfect fashion frame.
    Good Luck guys <3

  7. pc please, also i think ivara prime is just so pretty tbh, jellyfish queen, she sure looks like a queen to me c;

  8. Preferred platform : PC
    Ivara is my prefer stealth frame.
    Sheโ€™s also my choice when i need to unlock no kill unveiling rivens challences.
    Thanks for all the informative post and the giveaway.

    Hope rng love me

  9. Ivara Prime, the queen of the hunt. She has to be one of my favourite frames, especially for hunting in the Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon. Even her wire arrow is great for fishing. I would love to get her Prime version and the trimmings to go with her as well. Merry Christmas to all Tenno and a happy new year to you as well.

    If any of you are playing on Xbox iโ€™m a solo player mostly but like to help others when needed. I can help with missions, Mod builds and quests or can provide general advice. My preffered platform is Xbox One and my Gamertag is Arajace. See you out there Tenno

  10. Platform: PC
    Hi! I love the work that is done on this site so much, it helped me a lot since I only started playing Warframe earlier this year.
    I only use Limbo for a spy mission, as I only recently forged Ivara and didn’t build it because I was expecting its prime version.

  11. Platform is PC!

    I appreciate you being willing to do this for the community, it’s part of why I feel Warframe has the best community of any online game! Also, Ivara is one of my favorite frames and her Prime looks so beautiful!

  12. Platform is Xbox one

    I from France and merry christmas !
    I’ve just tested de normal version and it’s rocks.
    Can’t imagine the prime version.

    Good Luck, and good game ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Preferred platform: switch

    Just got through Kuva Spy thanks to ivara and being able to saunter through the fortress thanks to prowl.

  14. I play ivara most of the time actually whether its spy or synthesis grinding to making allies invisible she is a fun warframe to play and useful even taking a couple shots around a corner.
    Platform: PC

  15. Platform: PC
    Only been playing Warframe on PC for about 2.5 months (played a few years ago on console) but already have upwards of 200 hours. Haven’t had the time to farm normal Ivara, so to get jellyfish girl but better would be incredible.

  16. Prefered platform: PC
    I really love the selection in this prime access and hope to play around with the baza prime and ivara mainly. I feel as though there is a lot that can be done with the ivara fashion frame wise too.
    Thank you for the oppurtunity!

  17. Thank you for this giveaway! I love playing Ivara so I am very happy that DE decided on making Ivara Prime. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I play on PC.

  18. Thank you very much for organizing this giveaway.
    I play on PC, and will now check around your website as it’s catching my interest!

  19. Platform: PC

    Ivara is on my ‘To Acquire’ list and adding the Prime version and her Prime Accouterments will be a nice addition to my EV Trinity Prime and Pilfering Hydriod Prime stables.

  20. Just found this site; I’m happy to actually have a place to find builds that explains them well for people who are new to high-level modding.

    Preferred platform: PC

  21. I dont have stealth frame..
    I hope, I can win Ivara for free..
    Long Live Warframe!
    I love you Railjack, Hope next update RJ multiplayer PVE or PVE!

    Preferred platform: PC

  22. Platform: PC

    As always, thanks for the chance to win. Love me some Ivara, goddess of the warframe hunt. Happy holidays to everyone!

  23. Just now hitting the 100 hour mark and still loving the game immensely. I typically refuse to spend my hard earned money on currency and items for a f2p game with a broken microtransaction based game. It’s a good thing warframe is nothing of the sort. I purchased the starter pack obviously for an extra frame slot and a bit of platinum but most importantly to support DE because they created a phenomenal game and world to immerse myself in. I can’t get enough. I would love for to Ivara to be my next frame I’m working to earn her and not buy her but it would be insane to win her! Cant tell you how grateful I’d be. Thanks fit another give away we all appreciate you guys!
    Platform: Xbox One

  24. Already a long time Warframe player, but just recently started using your website to search for some viable builds for my weapons. Good informative website and in depth builds, Just what i need.

    Keep up the good work!

    Platform: PC

  25. Preferred Platform: PC

    Started playing Warframe this year and immediately fell in love with it. Love using Ivara so far, so I’m so excited she got primed! This website really helped me progress through the game, especially the build guides. Great work!

  26. Preferred Platform: PC/Steam

    I’ve had to take a break from Warframe for the past month or too, but it’s easily one of my favorite games out right now, and this site’s helped me out through so much of it. Keep up the great work guys, and merry Christmas!

  27. I’ve been playing Warframe for over 3 months already. I really like the game and I am currently mr12. Thanks for the build guides that help improve my game play. Keep up the good work!

    Platform: Nintendo Switch

  28. Only found this site recently, but I’ve been loving it. Thank you for all the great information!

    Preferred platform: PC

  29. Well I’ve been trying to get Ivara forever and her parts won’t drop so a prime version would be pretty cool.
    Preffered Platform: Xbox One

  30. Hello! I’m new to Warframe, only just discovered it within the past several months on switch and have played everyday since! Love the game, support when I can, can’t wait to fly my railjack!

    Platform: Switch

  31. Hey uh thanks if you do I’m pretty new to the game but you know this’d be pretty nice so thanks
    Preffered platform ps4
    Thanks again

  32. Preferred platform: Nintendo Switch
    Perhaps my luck with this give away will be better then my luck getting Ivara from spy missions, havent got a single part in the several months ive played.
    Happy holidays!

  33. Platform: PC
    I would really like to win this since this year wasn’t that great for me, found out i got cancer in february and it all went down hill since.

  34. I loved the desing of Ivara Prime. I don’t know who tought about adding jellyfish theme to Ivara but that man needs a raise. I am not a spy mission guy but maybe that can change with Ivara Prime.

    Preferred platform: PC

  35. Thank you for this site. It has been truly helpful in figuring out how to build weapons and frames in the game.
    Preferred platform is PC.

  36. Thank you for this wonderfull site, so much information! Very glad that someone taking much powers to inform us.

    Preferred platform is PC.

  37. i recently started this game and really poor so have to be a free player desipite loving the game so far! that said i’m glad can get more things in game free if willing to work and the “Work” is fun so i’m in!!!

    that said i’ld love to win this!! <3

    IGN: awollsd
    PLatform: PC

    1. S3V3RN3RV3
      By far the most helpful site out there and awesome at answering questions. Thanks guys keep it up.

  38. Such a long awaited prime. Ivara was the first frame I grinded for and has been my go-to frame creeping around (and fishing). Quite a nice prize for the festive season.

    Platform: XBox

  39. Returning player here and was reading through all the new frame’s abilities and Ivara stood out the most! Lost my old account so am grinding back and winning this Ivara Prime will help me get back much more quicker ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, she seems fun

    Preferred Platform: PC

  40. Hello,

    I am a simple school student who hasn’t found the time to get these new items.
    I play on PC and my IGN is GH0ST5225

  41. Morning Y’all,

    Preffered playform: PC. IGN: BludKnight56 Email: bronana999@gmail.com I’ve been playing Warframe since it released on consoles, just recently switched to PC and I’ve been struggling to work out kinks with getting gear and leveling up, especially between the limited amount of space for gear that you get. I’ve barely made it to MR 8 simply due to the fact that a clan mate had two Rhino Prime sets leftover from the Rhino Prime and Banshee unvaulting, so I built two, and leveled two.

  42. Xbox, I’m watching The Witcher and still wish they would port the 1st game to console. Other than that I’d still like to sop it up with a biscuit. If not a biscuit I love cornbread as well. TICK TOCK MAGGOTS!!!

  43. I’m playing in PC, for a long time, i preferred another games but this year i had a chance to warframe and loved it.

  44. Preferred Platform: PC

    Ivara is my Jellyfish Bae, finally convinced my friends to start playing again so carrying them through spy missions is always appreciated by them.

  45. Pc being my preferred platform. Mostly doing this because as of now Ivara prime is the only frame I don’t have.

  46. Ivara is just a great frame in general. Can do a decent chunk of content solo if you are preped well.

    Platform is PC.

  47. I’ve always loved Ivara prime her styling is so well made.
    I cant wait to hear back from my chance to win such a prestigious designed warframe

    Preferred Platform : PC

  48. Ivara was my first frame after Mag (boyfriend gifted her to me) and I love her a lot. Sadly I don’t have as much time as before to play and farm for her, nor the money to buy with platinum. This giveaway is a great opportunity, so thanks for it!

    – Preferred platform: PC

  49. Preferred platform: PC
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    I have to say that transparent skirt on Ivara Prime is simply amazing.

  50. Preferred platform: PC

    I’m new-ish, but I’ve been a big fan of the bow weapons since the tutorial, and her skill set fits perfectly into the stealth playstyle. I would def be running this as my main if I get it. For now, I’m happy grinding away with my Mag

  51. Platform: PC

    Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you all have a great new year in a new decade as well!
    Good Luck everyone! <3

  52. Happy to get to know such a nice Giveaway. I started playing about 2 months ago again and Ivara is just more than perfect for my squad to get (as I’m currently lacking the artifacts to farm her…)

    Preferred platform: PC

  53. Preferred Platform: Switch.

    Just started playing again after a years hiatus sand have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

  54. I honestly have been playing Ivara for a very long time. She has always stood out to me because of her artemis bow(which reminds me of Greek mythology). Getting Ivara prime would be absolutely wonderful.

    Platform: XBOX ONE

  55. I’m a new Tenno and farming Ivara is very challening. I saw this giveaway while browsing builds for my Excalibur.

    I hope I win!

    Preferred platform: PS4

  56. Preferred platform: PC

    Love Ivara Prime, sheโ€™s immediately one of my favourite primes cos sheโ€™s just a gorgeous jellyfish and i liek jellies!

  57. I recently got back into warframe on PC with some friends for the railjack update; we have been having a lot of fun! I managed to build Ivara and really enjoy her especially for spy missions.

  58. Greeting from Yogesh,
    I wish a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR for everyone and I definitely like to have Ivara the Stealth Jellyfish Queen

    I play on PS4

  59. i love ivara and mirage and they are really good in eidolon hunt and so cute and good in all missions

  60. Wow, it is cool that you’re doing this giveaway, I am happy to finally see Ivara primed shes been one of my favorites for a long time, I’m on pc but im sure that wont matter. Anyway have a fantastic day everyone!

  61. platform: pc
    just found out about this site so lil late to the party BUT i still have hopes on winning this!!

  62. Platform: PC
    New Player. Looking forward to finishing Ivara. Even moreso to start on the Prime. Won’t turn down a gifted one though ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. I love my Ivara, she makes spy missions a breeze and got them ziplines for easy fishing and generally enjoying those big open areas. Killing stuff with navgiator and my zenistar is especially fun ๐Ÿ˜€

    Preferred Platform: PC

  64. Well, late to the show but why not, liked Ivara when I first got her and now that she had a prime been looking at getting her, this is a good way to try plus get some extra stuff too! Lol

    Preferred Platform: Xbox

  65. If I’m gaming Warframe gets played most days. Best dang third-person shooter on the planet!

    Preferred Platform: PC

  66. Your website has been so helpful to me since I’m a relatively new player. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Preferred platform is PC

  67. Always liked Ivara’s look and playstyle. Recently came back to the game and this would be a great addition to my warframes.

    Preferred platform is PC.

  68. Well, it’s nice to see the first Frame that I ever spent platinum upon has came up into the Prime cycle. Perhaps if fortune favors me, I shall find a Primed version to level and enjoy.


  69. Iยดve started playing warframe two weeks ago and Iยดm already addicted to it. I donยดt have a prime warframe yet, but it would be cool if ivara could be my first one.

    Platform is PC

  70. Warframe is such a good game, it is my current favorite. I have brought in a family member, too. I play Warframe on PS-4.

  71. Warframe is such a good game, it is my current favorite. I have brought in a family member, too. I play Warframe on PS-4.

  72. Iโ€™ve been trying to get all the Ivara parts for months now and Iโ€™ve only gotten the systems. It would be nice to get Ivara Prime though.

    Preferred platform is PC

  73. This is a great giveaway. I actually just started reading a Warframe/Worm crossover and Taylor’s main warframe is an Ivara.

    Preferred platform: PC

  74. Recently got back into Warframe after trying it with friends a few times and, while I enjoyed it, it had never really clicked. This time around though, I’ve been playing it non-stop whenever I have the time. Octavia’s my favorite, but prior to her I ran Ivara for a while!

    Platform: PC

  75. Imma try my luck here, may the goddess of luck bless us, especially me of course :3

    My only platform: PC

    1. I really love warframe.
      I love every little things, from the gameplay to the aesthetics…
      Also, I really want to play as Ivara, but I just can’t get the parts I want huhuhu. Also, I play solo, that’s why I still have not got all the parts for Ivara prime. I REALLY RREEAAALLLY WANT HER.
      Thanks for creating this game D. E. Love lots

  76. Im new on ur guides, but it seems very helpful, and Ivara it’s one of my favourite wf. My platform is PC

    Thnks ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. I love stealth gameplay in warframe yet i haven’t done much of it so i would love to get ivara prime to really explore the games stealth gameplay more.


    Platform: PC

  78. Hi! i played the closed beta and always loved playin on pc, so is still my platform, pc, also i played dark sector before, this pack would be great to be back to the game ๐Ÿ˜€

  79. I really enjoy Ivara and am grinding relics for Ivara prime, but not much rng luck, maybe my luck will change with this ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the great site.

    Preferred platform: PC

  80. Ivara was the first frame that I fully set my heart out to farm. I ended up doing the spy missions for 6 hours straight until I finally finished farming her. Anyways, thanks for the giveaway!

    Preferred Platform: PC

  81. Awesome site, thanks for the hard work! Itโ€™s helped a new player like me a lot!

    Preferred platform: Pc

  82. Been playing Warframe for awhile now. Approaching my first year of playing as a matter of fact. Platform: PC

  83. i only recently started playing and ive been having so much fun with the game, would love to add a new frame to my small collection (platform: pc)

  84. Preferred platform : PC
    Hey, would be nice to start the year with a nice thing ! Thanks for the guides, as I just restarted the game !

  85. My preffered platform is PC
    As I write this comment, I am currently in the grind for normal Ivara, and I think shes one of the coolest looking frames out there.

  86. I really like Ivara, but regular Ivara already was pretty annoying to grind and I didn’t have much luck with getting her Prime parts or even relics yet. Winning her here definitely would be great!
    Platform: PC

  87. Ivara Prime is a fantastic frame and a great one to work towards over many enjoyable hours gaming. DE have done a great job with this and many other elements. Thanks

    Preferred platform: PC.

  88. Last month I bought my laptop and the first game I installed was Warframe. My friends told me to play this game and I started playing and now I m enjoying this game

  89. Recently got back into the game and am hooked, only have excalibur, will be alot of fun to try out ivara!

    Platform: PC

  90. I’ve been playing Warframe for 2 years and Ivara was the hardest frame I got. It was hard to get her but it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚
    PC IGN:-BM-PyroToxin

  91. To be honest, I really like Ivara Prime because she is useful for many things such as spy, survival, and even Defense believe or not! But anyways, winning this would mean alot to me. After hard days of grinding for other people and trying to help them, this would be like a job well done. But anyways, good luck to you all, and hope i’m not late.

    Platform : PC


  92. Ivara prime would such a great addition to my arsenal. I would love the chance to use her and strengthen her abilities along with my friends.

    My preferred platform is Xbox

  93. I’m on PC.

    Chakkhurr is best kuva gun.
    You cannot change my mind. I cannot be bargained with. I cannot be reasoned with.
    Every time I launch a poor tera crewman into Venus’ stratosphere I just get “Space Oddity” by David Bowie in my head.
    It is amusing to say the least.

  94. hi, my name is Logan, i have play warframe about 6 years now, dropped out and just got back recently, it is still a wonderful and great game. Can’t wait to play and explore new plot of the game ๐Ÿ˜€

    Platform: PC (kuzunpham)

  95. I few monthe ego play Warframe game i relaxing and I think this game is part of my life I love this Game very Much

  96. Just switched back over to PC. Been playing since day 1. Unfortunately all my old progress was lost so I started fresh. This whole time I had no idea there were fansites like this. These tutorials are great and helping me remember what to do.

  97. Another new player here. Giveaways like this are great for helping people to get ahead. Thanks guys, and good luck all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On PC.

  98. Last month I bought my pc and the first game I installed was Warframe. My friends told me to play this game and I started playing and now I m enjoying this game

    Preferred platform: PC

  99. I get into warframe last week because all of my friends play it, it’d be pretty neat to have this cool looking one.

  100. Been playing warframe for about 6 months. Love the game and the grind is real. Hope this isn’t over I’m really late. I play on xbox

  101. been playing for years, first time on this site and i find prime giveaway, be awesome to get my first prime frame

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