Ivara Prime now in Warframe

With Update 27.0.4 the infamous Ivara finally got her own primed version, making her finally an easy farmable Warframe for the foreseeable future. The Bow-themed hunter will bring her own primed signature weapon, so get ready to start farming for Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime. With the introduction of Ivara Prime, Zephyr Prime rotated out of the current drop table. While you can still use and trade old relics you won’t be able to get your hands on new Zephyr Prime relic drops.

If you do want to try your luck and if you’re lucking for a source of Platinum, cosmetics and the new primed additions, we recommend switching over to our Ivara Prime Give-Away, featuring a ‘Artemis Bow’ package.

Ivara Prime Relic Drop Locations

With the launch of the new primed drops we also get a few new relics to farm, namely the Meso N9, Meso C4, Neo I1 and the Axi A9 relic for all drops related to Ivara Prime. If you’re looking to farm the Baza Prime you need to use the Lith W2, the Meso B4, the Neo R3 and the Axi B3 relics. And for all Aksomati Prime parts you need to get your hands on the Meso R2, the Neo Z5, the Axi A8 and the Axi D2 relic. If you’re looking for the best places to farm those relics, we highly recommend to read through our relic farming guides:

Also check out the new prime access packs, which can be found either in your ingame market or by switching over to the official Warframe page.

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