Khora Builds Guide

Khora was released in 2018 and came with a new update regarding companions.

So it wasn’t surprising that this Warframe also comes with his own little cat: Venari can be used together with any other companion and satisfies players with his high life total and armor as well as obedience.

On your command the beast will any enemy you tell it to. Besides that Khora also uses a whip to deal damage to everyone in range and can use her ultimate ability Strangledome to inflict damage and crowd control upon incoming mob groups.

This is super useful in a lot of different group setups and mission types and depending on your build, Khora can fulfill different roles.


  • Unique companion
  • Slightly above average shields
  • High armor
  • High Area-of-Effect crowd control
  • Easy to farm


  • Low energy pool
  • Forma needed for Warframe and companion
  • Damage output not the best

The Best Khora Builds

Choosing the aura polarity for Khora isn’t as easy as it might seem. Picking Corrosive Projection looks like the best choice, especially if you manage to play with a group that also uses armor reduction.

And to be fair, going with that mod is probably your overall best choice. But if you do prefer the whip build, going for Steel Charge is also a good idea and will benefit your damage output by a lot.

You can also think about Rejuvenation, because the aura will not only heal your own health, but will be applied to your companion and the rest of your team as well.

So pick whatever you like most!

Tip: If you want to know more about Khora and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Venari Standard Build

Do you already use a Kavat or a Kubrow as your main companion? Well, you might be in trouble, because building Venari requires all the mods you already use in your cat – or at least most of them.

So you might have to invest a lot of Endo and credits to get to this build. And to be fair, this build is somewhat mainstream, but can be altered quite a lot.

Maul, Sharpened Claws and Swipe are set, Medi-Pet Kit and Bite are also essential, but that’s about it.

Link Health does help you out a lot and Huner Recovery works wonders, but Scavenge, Animal Instinct and Sense Danger are replaceable.

If you want to change your build, take a look at Link Armor and Link Shields to get more survivability. Pack Leader or Hunter Command are also worth using, so feel free to change it depending on your needs and desires.

Even Shelter can be super helpful if you don’t want to always switch into operator mode and quickly become invisible before reviving your team mates.

You usually want to pick mods depending on your main companion, since it is not necessary or recommended to use those kind of mods more than once.

The Dome Build

Khora - Dome Build
Khora – Dome Build

For a lot of people Khora feels so great because of her ultimate ability. Strangledome works best if you find a build that supports a good combination of reach, duration and ability strength, while also giving some amount of survivability.

This build does all that, but can also be altered: More ability strength is useful against high level enemies or the Infested, while more range is better against low level enemies.

You can even try to get more duration.

You don’t even need to pick Corrosive Projection, because Energy Siphon might be way more useful.

It helps you to always have enough energy for your fourth ability and even gives some extra energy for your other abilities.

So feel free to find the build that supports your play style best and change some mods around!

The Whip Melee Build

Khora - Whip Melee Build
Khora – Whip Melee Build

Your first ability deals a great amount of damage – if you find a good build for it. Since you can’t use duration at all for your Whipclaw, picking up some strength and range with a good amount of efficiency is the right call here.

You can even switch out Transient Fortitude for Primed Continuity if you want to use your second ability from time to time.

Accumulating Whipclaw is super important for your damage output, so don’t skip it. If you don’t experience any energy problems, you don’t really need Primed Flow, so take a look at Hunter Adrenaline or Redirection as replacements.

Even Umbral Intensify (or its normal version) are viable alternatives and can influence your damage output by a lot!

The Pilfering Strangledome Build

Khora - Pilfering Strangledome Build
Khora – Pilfering Strangledome Build

With the introduction of Pilfering Strangledome, Khora did get a big boost in terms of meta relevance and usability.

While Nekros is still a better choice for most resource farming groups, there are some cases where you rather bring Khora instead.

Defense missions are a good example. This build is very specific though and is mainly focused on using it against the Infested enemies – farming on Hieracon, Akkad or during Arbitrations missions is way easier if you are able to bring this build.

The build itself features a very high duration with a good amount of range, while you try to add ability strength as you can.

You don’t really need a lot of range against the Infested enemies, so the penalty of Narrow Minded is easily countered by adding Stretch, Augur Reach and Overextended.

Especially during excavation missions you also don’t need to bring a lot of strength, but rather have the longer duration.

If you plan to bring Pilfering Strangledome against Grineer or Corpus units, feel free to try and fit in the augmented mod in our standard Strangledome build you will find above.


Khora is super fun to play and especially her unique companion will help you out a lot.

You can even build this Warframe purely for melee combat or as a tank and use Venari to bolster your defenses and health regeneration.

So feel free to experiment around, find all the builds you like and have lots of fun playing her even in the hardest missions!

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  1. Could you possibly do a build for her new augment pilfering strangledome, as I am struggling to find a build that work well with it.

    • Use the Dome Build here and either cut Vitality (if you don’t need the extra health) or Augur Reach (or Streamline if you have another form of energy regeneration) for the augmented mod. Should work quite well!

  2. Well, this page needs an update in case any new players see it…
    Specially the part that says ‘Damage output not the best’ as she’s a damage queen.


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