Kohm Builds Guide

The Grineer shotgun Kohm can be acquired pretty early in the game, which makes it a very interesting primary weapon for a lot of newer players.

But even later on a lot of people still pick the Kohm from time to time – mainly because of its very high slash damage.

If you are planning on farming certain resources or Endo, slashing an enemy into two halves can be very important as long as you or a teammate uses a Nekros.

Given that you potentially can get extra loot from every extra body part, slashing enemies into two halves will double your loot. So using the Khom for resource farming is very beneficial if you do have a nice build with good damage output and high slash damage.

If you are looking for some pointers on where to start building your own Kohm, this guide can and will help you!


  • Very high slash damage
  • High critical damage multiplier
  • High status chance
  • Best magazine size of all shotguns
  • 1,5 meter punch through
  • Good initial accuracy
  • Very nice for farming groups


  • Low puncture and impact damage
  • Falloff damage after 15 meters
  • Very low critical chance
  • Fire rate starts slow
  • Low accuracy after a few shots

Best Kohm Builds

The Kohm is one of very few weapons that have a high Riven mod disposition, meaning that a Riven mod is very strong on this weapon and will raise damage output by a lot.

So if you ever get lucky and open a Kohm Riven mod (or you buy one from an other player), you will find very good stats on that mod.

More damage, status chance, critical chance and multishot are just some examples for great additions. Just roll the Riven mod a few times until you find what you are looking for.

Also get some experience playing with this shotgun, since it’s play style is somewhat unique.

New Player Kohm Build

If you are new to the game or just entered the phase where you start to get and max out all the prime mods, using this build might be very beneficial.

You simply use four elemental mods, Point Blank and Shotgun Spazz, plus two mods for higher multishot.

You can easily obtain those mods just by playing or farming certain missions. And if you ever manage to max out Primed Point Blank you can increase your damage output even further.

Once you invested more time into the game and found better mods you can start to change the build around a bit and remove two elemental mods for your better alternatives.

Especially slash damage mods are very helpful and will help you out once you start farming for resources with farming groups.

Critical Slash Damage Kohm Build

If you are still farming for Endo in Rathuum, bringing a Kohm is often times a requirement for the group. Raising your slash damage and critical chance to use Hunter Munitions is the best way to get good results.

You don’t necessarily need Primed Ravage, but using it will help you killing your enemies faster. If you want to switch out the mod, take a look at Laser Sight as a replacement.

Other than that there is not really much to talk about: Sweeping Serration is a must-have in this build, while Shotgun Spazz can be replaced by Vigilante Fervor if you want to raise your critical hits together with Vigilante Armaments even further.

But usually you want to run a build that somewhat looks like this one.


The Kohm is an early weapon and not the best out there. There are a lot of better shotguns, but those do have higher mod and Forma demands.

So if you are looking for an average weapon that is useful in farming resources, picking and building the Kohm will help you quite a bit.

Yes, the damage output isn’t the greatest, but the high slash damage will make sure you’ll get what you need. And if you are ever lucky enough to find a Riven mod, the average Kohm can quickly become a god-like weapon with high damage output that will carry you through the end game.

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