Loki Prime Builds Guide

Loki has been part of Warframe since the open beta and even used to be one of the starter Warframes, but lost his spot a few years ago (during Update 14).

Nowadays he isn’t used that often anymore since he has no real damage output and his crowd control gets easily outclassed by other Warframes. But he was one of the first Warframes to introduce the concept of invisibility to the game and is still to this day picked to stealth through Spy missions.

There are other possibilities to use him and his skill set and therefor benefit from him. So he isn’t as useless as people often think and playing him still makes a lot of fun.

And by the way: His name dates back to the Nordic god of mischievous and therefor his skill set uses deception and distraction, which is very unique in Warframe.

If you want to know how to get your hands on Loki, feel free to hop over to our guide on that!


  • Long invisibility
  • Good builds without Forma
  • High survivability
  • Unique skill set


  • Low damage output
  • Highly specialized Warframe

The Best Loki Prime Builds

Since you mainly want to use your Loki for his invisibility, you don’t really need anything besides Energy Siphon.

If you plan on going for a melee build, putting in a Steel Charge might be a good idea. But generally speaking the Naramon polarity will help you to always have enough energy up for your second ability.

Also, you can simply put in Corrosive Projection if you want to kill high level enemies and especially if you find a premade group for those mission types.

Tip: If you want to know more about Octavia and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Loki Prime Invisibility Build

This will be your main build. Going for a really long duration is the key here and will help you in your missions.

Three different ability duration mods will get you more than 35 seconds of invisibility, while Vitality will give you some amount of survivability – just in case you forget to recast your second skill.

Hunter Adrenaline isn’t really needed, but might be helpful if you ever run out of energy and can’t find an energy orb.

Invisibility will prevent enemies from directly attacking Loki, but if you shoot your weapon or make any other noise, everyone in range will come running to your last known location – and even might start attacking there.

The augmented mod Hushed Invisibility helps with exactly that problem and will allow you to continuously kill everyone while in stealth mode.

Also don’t forget that you get double standing when you use a Synthesis Scanner – if you are farming your daily Cephalon Simaris standing, using your Loki in invisible mode will speed things up.

Otherwise, use this build every time you need to succeed at Spy or Rescue missions – or try it out everywhere else!

Loki Radial Disarm Build

This build is somewhat retro, since Loki’s Radial Disarm ability was used way back before Void Relics where a thing.

Nowadays sadly there isn’t a real reason to use Loki’s ultimate ability, but if you are looking for a fun and somewhat old school idea, then go ahead and try it!

You do want to get as much ability range as you can and combine it with some amount of duration and efficiency. Also don’t forget to throw in the augmented mod Irridiating Disarm to confuse the enemies and make them attack each other.

This build might still be viable if you can find a survival group that wants to try something different.

Find yourself a room to camp with your group and use your ultimate ability to lure groups of mobs into the room. Or try it out in a defense mission – especially against high level Grineer or Corpus enemies this might still work to some extend.


The time when Loki was a meta Warframe and used in a lot of different mission types is over. But his invisibility is even today very useful and if you build him for melee or just to be as fast as possible (for Spy or Rescue missions), he will truly show off his skill set.

Just make sure to always be ready to recast his second ability, because you can’t cast it unless the duration is over.

So find a good hiding spot, recast your ability and continue on your journey.

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