Lua Halls of Ascension Puzzle Guide

There are plenty of reasons why you will eventually start to farm Lua, the Earth’s moon: You either want to get yourself an Octavia and you need the Chassis blueprint from the music test or you want to solve ‘The Seven Principles’ (also known as ‘The Halls of Ascension’ or simply ‘Lua Puzzles’ for their enticing rewards.

There are seven tests (plus the music puzzle) on Lua, with each one giving out a unique mod that can only be found after you completed that test.

You can find those tests on each Lua mission, with one puzzle guaranteed, but you might get lucky and find two or three in one mission.

You should also know that it’s purely RNG and you can’t force a certain test to appear – so you might have to run Lua missions a couple of times before you get all the mods you want and like.

Some of these puzzles are pretty easy to understand and solve, while others require agility, speed or a good team.

The Halls of Ascension Explained

Let’s start with the reward list, because depending on what mod you want to farm for, you simply can ignore all other tests and finish your mission to restart and try to get your ascension trial again.

Again, there are seven different tests with seven different mod rewards, so farming all of them can become quite grindy and somewhat annoying.

But since most of these mods are key to a min-maxed build, getting yourself into Lua and through those tests can be quite rewarding. Here is the list with the rewards:



Agility Test

Agility Drift

Collaboration Test

Coaction Drift

Cunning Test

Cunning Drift

Endurance Test

Endurance Drift

Power Test

Power Drift

Speed Test

Speed Drift

Stealth Test

Stealth Drift

Those mods might not seem strong at the first glance, but they all can be used in a Warframe’s exilus slot, increasing a build just enough to become very powerful.

Agility Test Guide – How To Get Agility Drift

There is a high chance you will notice this room immediately, because the big organ in the middle gives it away.

The Agility Test is a little bit harder as most other tests: You need to not only understand it, but you need to memorize what to do and where to shoot next while jumping through the room.

Oh, and don’t touch the ground, because the ground is lava…uhm, I mean…if you touch the ground, the puzzle will reset and you have to start over.

You are able to land on the cap of each tube, the two moving steps on the ground, use the ground on the second floor or (for easy mode) bring your Ivara and shoot Dashwire Arrows through the room.

Bringing a single shot weapon will also make things way more easy.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Shoot the first button, right above the archway. It is slightly blinking and once you hit it, the test will start and two tubes will start glowing with a bit of green.
  • Jump inside the left tube and after a short moment you will be pushed into the air. At that moment the button on the left (on the wall!) will become active and needs to be shot. Then a new, higher located tube will become active.
  • Again, get into that tube, get launched into the air and now shoot the button on the right side of the room. And don’t land on the ground!
  • If you have a moment, look around and search for two buttons right beside each other. They will be active next, so get into a tube, get launched into the air and shoot both of them.
  • Now you’ll be going into the second floor, so jump into the tube and safely land on the ground up there before shooting the first button, which is now active.
  • Jump into an active tube, then shoot the second button on the upper level. Again, safely land before you’re moving on.
  • Congratulations – you’ve done it. Well, nearly done it. You’ve opened up the hole in the middle of the ceiling, so jump into one of the highest tubes, get launched into the air and use double jump (not bullet jump!) to get into the room above you. You’ll find your reward and can go on with your mission.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the order and places of the buttons you’re going to shoot.

Don’t worry if you can’t do it on your first (or second or third…) try, just keep memorizing what you need to do.

Also you can always just land safely on a cap of any open tube and move on from there.

Don’t be afraid to do this test slowly and again, bring an Ivara for easy mode!

If you’re going in with a team, communicate with them: Not everyone needs to jump around (and potentially fail)!

This is the room you need to look for to start the Agility Test.
Shoot this button to start the test.
Then jump into the green tube and look for the next button to shoot.
You can land on the caps of open tubes, but don’t touch the ground!
Once you shot all buttons, the ceiling will open up.
Jump into the highest tube, then use double jump to reach the portal room.

Collaboration Test Guide – How To Get Coaction Drift

The Collaboration test is easy in a way, because there is no time limit and you can’t really fail it. But if you don’t have at least another member in your team, you do need to bring some gear for the final stage.

You should have been able to finish The Second Dream quest line by now, so you can (and will need to) use your Operator if you’re going in solo.

The test itself doesn’t require any special Warframe or weapon.

This guide will explain everything for a solo attempt, if you’re with at least one team mate, you won’t have any trouble at all:

  • First of all, step with your Warframe on the pad at the start and switch to operator mode. Now jump to the pad in front of you, slightly above you, and stand there to active it. You can easily identify it by its yellow glow.
  • Now get back into your Warframe and find the next glowing pad. Get on it and wait for new pads to glow – they are usually directly underneath you, so use your Operator to jump down, step on them and repeat that process for each of the four pads in the room.
  • Next you need to get into the caves underneath the pads you just activated. There are again four of those, so jump through the room, get into the lower levels of the caves and step on the glowing pad.
  • If you’re done with that, four pads will have formed a ‘wall’ underneath the middle room. Use them to jump up into the middle room.
  • Here it becomes tricky if you’re going in solo: You need to step on all four pads in the middle room at once. Your Operator and Warframe can assume control of two, so you need at least two other spawns (or a team mate). Loki’s ‘Decoy’ ability is a nice addition. The same is true for Saryn’s ‘Molt’ or Chroma’s ‘Effigy’. You can also use any specter and even the turret from your Air Support will help out. Just make sure to have at least four things that can stand on those pads!
  • Now you can simply jump through the portal in the middle of the room and get your reward!

Tip: If you are going to solo this puzzle, come prepared. You really need the right gear to activate all four pads in the end or everything will be for nothing.

It might be a bit troublesome to get your specter on a pad, but this test is really super easy and doesn’t require anything special.

This is the Collaboration Test room. It is big and you won’t miss it.
Find the next glowing pad.
Use your Operator to active the second pad.
Some pads are hidden down in caves.
The middle room will open eventually.
For the last step you need to active four glowing pads simultaneously.
Jump up and through the portal to get your reward.

Cunning Test Guide – How To Get Cunning Drift

The Cunning Test will remind you of The Second Dream, because you are going to face the Security Eye again – a mini boss with great power.

The room is easily identified by the four pillars that have a hole on the outside, with each hole being covered in an energy field.

To start the test you need to first find and shoot the caps of two water pipes, each one on the left and right side of the room. Once you’ve shot the cap of, water begins flowing into a pit and if you ‘activated’ both pipes, the mini boss will spawn in the middle of the room.

You can’t damage or kill the Security Eye, but rather lure it into shooting the holes on the outsides of the pillars and deactivating the energy field in the process.

Once you’ve managed to deactivate all four energy fields the mini boss will vanish and you can jump down a opening in the middle of the room. Get your reward and you are done!

Tip: You don’t need a specific Warframe or weapon to solve this very easily. Instead, wait behind a pillar once the Security Eye spawned in the middle.

The mini boss will teleport itself behind you. Then rush again on the other side of the pillar, but still have a line of sight to the Security Eye.

It will charge it’s energy and then send a wave of energy towards you, dealing a good amount of damage if it hits.

Step behind the pillar in the last moment and you won’t get hit while also deactivating the energy field. It might take some tries, but this test is very easy and shouldn’t be a problem at all.

After a pillar gets destroyed, the eye will teleport back into the middle and start spinning, releasing bolts of energy and black clouds, so get behind a pillar, dodge all attacks and don’t touch or stand in the clouds until this phase is over.

This is what the Cunning Test room looks like.
You need to shoot the water tubes on both sides.
If enough water is released, the test will start.
The security eye will spawn in the middle. Dodge it’s attacks!
Make sure the Security Eye hits all four pillars with it’s attacks.
Try to dodge the attack last second.
After all four pillars are destroyed the middle will open up.

Endurance Test Guide – How To Get Endurance Drift

This test is another challenge you rather would do with a team, but it’s also possible to ‘cheese’ your way through it and do it solo. Identifying the room (or rather the test) might be a little bit problematic if you don’t know what you are looking for, because the room itself isn’t flashy or super unique like the other test rooms are.

Look for a big platform, inserted in a round pit and with offline laser pads all around.

To start the test, one player has to jump in the middle of the pad, which will start up all the lasers in the room.

They are pointed directly towards the center and deal huge damage to whoever is standing there. There is also a invisible nullifier field around the middle pad, so abilities and buffs won’t save you.

The test is over once the glass column is filled with water, which takes around one minute. This means whoever is standing in the middle needs to survive for that long.

Once the time is up, the portal will simply open in the middle of the pad and you can jump down and get your reward.

Tip: If you’re able to get yourself a team, all other team mates need to disable as many lasers as possible to reduce the incoming damage.

You can shoot the lantern on the ceiling to block the laser in the middle. You can put your body between some lasers and whoever is standing in the middle, mitigating some damage. Also, shoot all lasers in the back to disable them temporarily.

If you want to solo this test, bring a Warframe with high health pool (Inaros is the best choice here) and a lot of Health Restores.

You’re going to need at least 30, depending on your armor and health. Don’t be shy with using them, because if you die, you need to start over.

You can use multiple Health Restores at once, so keep them going until the test is over.

The Endurance Test room looks inconspicuous and can easily be overlooked.
Jump on the podest to start the test.
A lot of lasers will damage you over time.
The test ends once this pipe is filled with water, so keep an eye on it.
Shoot the lasers to reduce the damage output of the test.
At the end, jump down, go through the portal and get your reward.

Power Test Guide – How To Get Power Drift

The Power Test is fast and easy, if you know what you are doing. First of all you need to identify the room, which does have a pad in the middle with a spiral staircase going down.

The stairs are closed for now, but once you’ve complete the trial the pad will open up and you can follow the stairs down to the portal and to your reward.

To start the test you need get close to one of the four spheres, which will then start to drain energy from your Warframe.

Once it is charged, you need to quickly head to the next sphere and let your energy get drained again.

This way you need to charge all four spheres in the room and you need to be quick about it, because this test is timed and if you don’t charge them fast enough they will reset and you need to start over. If all four spheres are charged, the spiral staircase opens up.

Tip: If you have a team of two or more people, the test is no problem at all. If you want to solo it, switch to Operator mode, because you will regenerate your energy way faster as your Warframe, which allows you to quickly rush from one sphere to the next without any trouble.

You can even use your Warframe and your Operator at the same time, which means the sphere will drain both of you simultaneously, increasing the charging speed.

This big, shiny room contains the Power Test.
There are four spheres in this room.
Use your Warframe or Operator to energize the sphears as fast as possible.
Once you’re done, the middle will open and you can walk down the stairs.

Speed Test Guide – How To Get Speed Drift

The Speed Test is probably the rarest and hardest test of all the Hall of Ascension puzzles.

You not only have to dodge a lot of Death Orb effects, but also finish the test in time or you need to restart the whole mission and find the room again.

Spotting the starter room is super easy, because it is the only room in Lua with a lot of active lasers in it. Starting the test is also pretty easy, because all you have to do is shoot the big, glowing button on top of the door on the other side of the laser room.

Now a door will open behind you and reveal the entrance to the first hall test. Once you step on the pressure plate in front of the currently closed door, the door will open shortly after and you have to rush through three halls in order to finish the first half.

On your way through the halls Death Orbs will try to knock you down and slow your progress, so you need to dodge those. If you make it in time (before the last door closes), you need to go on to the second part of this test.

Shoot the button on top of the door and move straight forward to the next hall.

Again, the pressure plate will activate this hall and you have to rush through it without landing on the frozen ground – or you will be slowed pretty hard and it is unlikely that you can finish the test in time.

If you make it in time, go back to the laser room, where a pillar has appeared. Climb it and jump into the portal room.

Go through the portal, finish your Lua mission and you’ve got yourself a Speed Drift!

Tip: The best Warframe to pick is Limbo. Once you enter the Rift Plane you can’t be slowed or knocked down, making this test super easy.

Just make sure that you are fast enough and use bullet jumps and combat rolls to be as fast as possible.

Atlas is also a great choice, because he can’t be knocked down (thanks to his ‘Immovable’ passive) by a Death Orb as long as he has contact to the ground.

To start the Speed Test, you need to shoot the button in the laser room.
Don’t land on the icy parts in the first hall or you will be slowed down heavily.
You need to dodge the Death Orbs in the second hall or you will be knocked down.
At the end, go back to the laser room and climb the pillar to the top.

Stealth Test Guide – How To Get Stealth Drift

The Stealth Test isn’t really a test of your stealth skills, but rather of your ability to dodge laser beams and abuse the system.

If you haven’t done the test before, finding and identifying the room can be a bit surprising, because it looks like a normal long hallway room at first.

But once you’ve get to the end of the room, you’ll see a big, golden pad right before you and once you step on it you will start the test. Beware that you can’t restart it and if you failed, you failed – you have to get lucky another time.

Once you started the test, blue and yellow lasers from Orokin orbs, moving fences and other things will start to look through the room, so make sure to quickly get into hiding.

Your goal is on the other side of the hallway (so you usually have to go back from where you just came) in a room behind the entrance.

There will be another big, golden glowing pad you need to step on. So you can simply jump through the room, dodging all laser beams.

Once you’re on the other side, you will instantly pass and open the portal to your reward.

Tip: If you have at least one team mate with you, this test is a joke. Before activating the first pad, look for the second pad (the one you need to reach) and one of your team mates waits there.

Then someone activates the pad and you will instantly solve the test.

Another way is using your Operator: Put your Warframe on the second pad, switch to Operator mode and walk to the starting pad.

Then your Warframe will instantly activate the second pad and you’ve solved it in solo mode! Another great idea is to use Limbo, because he won’t be detected at all if he is in the Rift Plane.

This big, shining plate will start the Stealth Test.
You might want to look for the end of the stealth test first and mark it.
Don’t get caught by the blue or yellow lasers.
After you left the lasers behind you, jump onto the glowing plate and get your reward.

Another Puzzle on Lua

There is another puzzle you might encounter while running missions on Lua.

It’s a pretty easy one, but it doesn’t reward you with a mod and it is not a part of the Hall of Ascension tests.

Instead it will reward you with the Octavia Chassis blueprint and therefor is an important find for everyone who tries to craft an Octavia.

If you want to know more about this test, we recommend our Lua Music Puzzle Guide.


Lua is a unique spot, with good resources and interesting places to explore. It is also the only place with special tests and puzzles.

Finding and solving those ‘Hall of Ascension’ tests can be very tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for or what to do. But if you follow our guide, you’ll quickly get through all the puzzles and will be rewarded with unique mods that a lot of endgame builds use.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t solve a test on the first try. Just keep on grinding and don’t forget to have fun while doing so. If you think we missed some information or tips and tricks, feel free to post them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Lua Halls of Ascension Puzzle Guide”

  1. For the endurance frame u can jump straight up from the middle so you can use abilities, switch to operator, and leave your warframe husk on the weight.

  2. For the Endurance test, the static beams can be avoided completely by standing off-center. That way, only a single rotating beam will ever be damaging you at a given time.

    This makes it significantly easier for frames like Inaros to solo the puzzle.

  3. Endurance can be cheesed by having the mod adaptation on your frame. You stop taking damage after a few seconds and you can just stand there. If you don’t have that, any rank arcane barrier with at least 600 shields will let you pass no problem.


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