Mirage Prime Builds Guide

Mirage is part of the Warframe family since her release in 2014 and Mirage Prime was released in December 2017.

She never was the biggest meta Warframe, but has a few people that main her over everything else.

And there is a good reason for that: Her damage output is very good and she does shine with a very nice self protecting ability that also will increase her damage output.

Her main ‘problem’ is the fact that her area-of-effect damage simply can’t compete with the current meta DPS.

But she is still very strong and if you find the right build, she will not only help you out during early and mid game, but carry you through the high level missions of the end game.

Finding her parts to craft her is pretty easy, since you simply get the parts by going through the Hidden Messages quest line.

So craft her as soon as you can and have fun playing with the magic caster!


  • Different damage builds
  • Good armor
  • High sprint speed
  • Easy to farm
  • Usable in every mission type
  • Fun to play


  • Low shields
  • Low health pool
  • Can’t compete with other DPS Warframes

The Best Mirage Prime Builds

Mirage is a caster Warframe, which means you are going to need a lot of energy in order to deal damage with your abilities.

Because of that, picking a Naramon polarity is recommended and will give you access to Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection.

The latter is pretty good if you are planing on using Mirage in high level missions, but otherwise you should probably always pick the energy regeneration. Getting augmented mods for Mirage is somewhat important and especially Hall of Malevolence plays a very crucial part in your mirror build.

The other augmented mods are sadly just not good enough, so you don’t ‘need’ to get them unless you want to experiment around.

Tip: If you want to know more about Mirage and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Mirage Prime Hall Of Mirrors Build

Mirage Prime Hall Of Mirrors Build

Your first ability doesn’t seem all that great at the first glance, but getting more DPS for each of your mirror clones is very strong – especially if you use the Hall of Malevolence mod, which can stack up to ten times and increase your damage output by an extra 50%!

Using this build is super easy, because you simply press 1 if you’re mirrors aren’t up and then use whatever weapon you like to kill everything in sight. Use your third ability to increase your damage output or get even more survivability and you are good to go!

Ability strength increases your clone damage, while a long duration helps with your small energy pool. You don’t necessarily need to use Energy Siphon, but it is very important to always have enough energy to recast your Hall of Mirros.

If you don’t expect energy problems, feel free to use Corrosive Projection instead. Augur Message over Constitution might seem random at first, but the extra shield regeneration is very important and will help you to survive even in high level missions.

Since you do have a really low health pool and very low shields, using Vitality and Redirection is highly recommended, but if you rather have more damage, feel free to use Umbral Intensify (or it’s normal version) instead.

Mirage Prime Prism Build

Mirage Prime Prism Build

Building around your ultimate ability Prism feels just right and intuitive and if you follow this build you are going to deal very good damage.

But to be fair, first of all you need to know the biggest weakness of this build: Playing without a Trinity, Harrow or any other energy giving support frame will make it very hard to always have enough energy for your Prism.

Yes, this build doesn’t use Fleeting Expertise, but even if you manage to fit it in, you’re going to have energy problems at one point.

So always have a combination of Energizing Dash and Squad Energy Restores ready to go.

Since your Prism needs a good combination of all four main stats, picking a somewhat balanced build is they key to success.

Range will help you to have a good amount of reach, duration and efficiency play an important part in keeping your prism going and strength will increase your damage output.

Umbral Intensify can be replaced by its normal version, but if you have it maxed, go ahead and use it.

Again, Redirection and Vitality are very useful, but you can replace one of those with something like Energy Conversion, Fleeting Expertise, Blind Rage or Constitution.

Feel free to experiment a bit until you find the exact build you do like the most.


Mirage is a very good Warframe with a fun-to-play skill set and a good damage output.

Her only flaw is the fact that she can’t compete with Mesa, Saryn or other DPS Warframes and therefor she won’t be used as often.

Maybe she will get some sort of buff in the future or even get an augmented mod for her ultimate ability, but until then she won’t reach a meta position.

But if you are looking for a very good Warframe that will carry you through the star chart and help you deal with every node, go ahead and build yourself a Mirage!

7 thoughts on “Mirage Prime Builds Guide”

  1. You act like Hall of Mirrors is really good, but in reality, only pairs well with Eclipse in darkness. I would like to see an Eclipse build as they provide her with a great damage bonus.

  2. Simple really, Just replace Augur Message with another damage mod like Umbral Intensify and replace Rush with Power Drift. If you wanto you can also replace Redirection with Augur Secrets.

  3. Your comment that Mirage can’t compete with other damage frames is complete BS, btw.


    Note: To my knowledge, the ability to use Heat damage in this way has since been changed, so eidolon farming is not possible with her anymore. HOWEVER, the evidence remains that Mirage is a perfectly viable dps option and with the right build she can shred. (I have seen her out dps Saryn)


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