Mirage Fashionframe – Harley Quinn

The DC Comics character Harley Quinn has always been a target for cosplayers around the world. So recreating the unique look of the villain is just a natural idea when it comes to Fashionframe. No other Warframe is as a great a pick for that as Mirage, because there is already a ‘Harlequin Helmet’ in the game. So picking that in combination with a suitable color combination and of course the signature weapon for Harley Quinn (a hammer) will give you a unique look.

Making this Fashionframe possible is super easy and you don’t even need to get a new color palette – you can create this cosplay for your Mirage with the classic color palette. Also, feel free to try out the color combination on other Warframes and see if you can recreate the look on something else.

How to create this Fashionframe

Skin-wise you don’t need a lot. You will need to start with the Mirage Harlequin Helmet, but otherwise you can just use the normal Mirage Skin. The Noble Animation is nice to have, but not super necessary and this look doesn’t require any attachments or Syandanas, because Harley Quinn also doesn’t wear any capes or other fancy accessories (other than her signature weapon). For the hammer itself we’re going with the Arca Titron (same colors as our Warframe), but you can always try out other hammers to find your preferred version.

Here are the colors we used:

Primary BLACK (classic palette, last row, first color)
Secondary BLACK (classic palette, last row, first color)
Tertiary DARK RED (classic palette, first row, second color)
Accents WHITE (classic palette, last row, fifth color)
Energy Color DARK RED, BLACK

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