Monthly content for the Empyrean update

During their visit in Tokyo, Digital Extremes used the Tokyo Game Show 2019 to celebrate the TennoVIP 2019 with Japanese fans. They also used the event to talk about the upcoming release of Atlas Prime as the next primed Warframe. And they talked about the next big content update, called ‘Empyrean’.

The biggest reveal during the TennoVIP 2019 was probably the great trailer (you’ll find it at the bottom of this news) which shows a few great information about the upcoming add-on and even gives a first-look into the gameplay of spaceships and space battles. For now, we do know that you’ll only be able to fight the Grineer in space (more fractions will be added later on) and that there will be monthly update to the Empyrean content. There is also a great interview with Steve Sinclair from the Japanese magazine Gamespark – we recommend using the Google translator if you’re having trouble reading it.

The Roadmap for Empyrean

In the interview, Steve explains that Warframe will get more and more content regarding the Empyrean add-on and reveals some new information:

  • More Railjacks: After the release of Empyrean there might be a chance that the players can use more than one spaceship to fight simultaneously or even take control of enemy ships.
  • More Prime Trailers: The last few primed Warframes did get an announcement trailer and some new lore. These trailers will keep on coming and be a part of the next releases.
  • More Fashionframe: Digital Extremes is currently working on the idea to implement more fashionframe changes. You might be able to even pick certain materials for your Warframe parts to change the looks and give it a metallic gloss or other effects.
  • Google Stadia Integration: It seems that Google is very interested in Warframe and Steve said that there are some inquires from Google to use the game on their own new cloud-based gaming platform Stadia.
  • Upcoming Crosssaves: With the release of Destiny 2’s crosssave, Digital Extremes seems confident that there will be something similar for Warframe. So you might be able to switch from PC to your favorite console in the future and use the same account.

As you can see, there are a lot of big things happening in Warframe in the next few weeks and month. Hopefully all these changes will be implemented without any trouble. Also, in case you haven’t seen the newest Empyrean trailer yet, here we go:

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