Nezha Prime Builds Guide

One of the more underrated Warframes out there is Nezha, the fast protector. He uses a mix of fire and protection to find his way through the Warframe universe and stabs a lot of enemies with his Divine Spears.

Farming the different parts of Nezha is also as easy as it gets, since you simply buy all parts from the Tenno Research Lab in your dojo.

So if you don’t have a clan with the research yet, either build yourself a clan from scratch or simply join one of the many great clans out there.

Nezha is a very unique Warframe in the sense that he does have a good mix of tank-ability, damage and crowd control.

All of that combined gives you a lot of different approaches to this Warframe, so feel free to try out our different builds or simply find one that fits your needs.


  • Good sprint speed
  • High health pool
  • High armor
  • Already 2 polarities included
  • High mobility
  • Different viable builds


  • Low shields
  • Low damage output
  • No real burst damage

The Best Nezha Prime Builds

Nezha is pretty tanky, but unlike Warframes like Nidus or Inaros, he doesn’t have that big of a health pool (even though it is above average).

Instead he has very high base armor and manages to survive due to his third ability. So picking Rejuvenation does very little for Nezha.

Instead it is highly recommended to use a Naramon polarity in your aura slot instead to use Corrosive Projection or Energy Siphon.

If you plan to use a melee build as your main Nezha build, picking Steel Charge as your aura mod is a fine way to increase your melee damage.

But unless that is your plan, simply stay with the Naramon polarity.

Tip: If you want to know more about Nezha and his abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Damage Spears Nezha Prime Build

Damage Spears Nezha Prime Build
Damage Spears Nezha Prime Build

Building around your ultimate ability seems very natural, since it does have a good area-of-effect and potential to deal some damage in that area.

But the truth is that this build is more on a casual side of things. It is still very good if you plan to fight enemies under the level of 30, but above that you don’t deal that much damage anymore.

Especially in high level missions you should rather pick the crowd control build (or any other build) if you plan on using Nezha there.

That being said, going into lower level missions with this build is quite fun.

You can easily kill everything with just one activation and if some survive the first burst damage, just press 4 again and slam everyone that is still pierced up by your Divine Spears into the ground.

If you are looking to improve this build, you probably want to add Umbral Intensify instead of the normal version and try to fit Primed Flow in as well.

Depending on the enemy level of your mission you can simply skip Redirection and do it without any survival mod.

Crowd Control Spears Build

Nezha Crowd Control Spears Build
Nezha Crowd Control Spears Build

This build is aimed at the later stages of the game and will help you to crowd control even high level enemies in Arbitrations or Sortie missions.

It is pretty straight forward and uses a high amount of range and duration to inflict your Divine Spears into your enemies.

You usually don’t need too much efficiency and Primed Flow is also a waste of a mod slot, since you can simply use other means (e.g. Energizing Dash and Energy Siphon) to regenerate your energy.

Augur Message is a nice addition to this build, because the extra shields is very nice if you are in high level missions.

You can even use Steel Fiber and/or Vitality to increase your survivability if needed. You can also use your Warding Halo as an additional source of survivability, but you won’t get the same results as with the dedicated tank build.

You should also use a good weapon in addition to this build, since your damage output will be pretty low otherwise.

Tanky Halo Nezha Build

Tanky Halo Nezha Build
Tanky Halo Nezha Build

Nezha already has a very high base armor and his third ability Warding Halo scales with that exact stat.

So building more armor and activating your third skill will make you super tanky – if you use the right build. Using Steel Fiber should be an auto-include.

You probably want to stack as much ability strength as possible and add some range and efficiency to increase your tanking ability. If you are able to add Umbral Intensify, go for it, but using the normal version is still fine.

If you are looking for a more mobile build, feel free to use Armored Agility and put Rush into your exilus mod slot. Also including Health Conversion might be a good idea if you are looking to get even better results.

And if you feel like you want to share with your allies, pick up the augment Safeguard and use it to help out your team.

If you do like melee combat, picking this build will also help you out. It doesn’t really increase your damage output by much, but you’ll get a few thousand extra hit points, so face tanking entire groups should be possible without any trouble.

Since your halo also gives you protection from procs and take downs, going into melee range won’t be a problem.

Fire Walker Nezha Build

Fire Walker Nezha Build
Fire Walker Nezha Build

You probably see a lot of Nezha’s running around on the map, using the first ability and trying to set everything on fire.

And while this is super fun, it is also totally on the casual side. The damage output isn’t the best and you are depending on your enemies walking through your fire trail.

So you have constantly run in front of them, hoping to survive and deal enough damage to kill them. Using your weapon would be way more efficient and not as dangerous.

At least you are able to use your Warding Halo and simply get tanky that way.

The build itself focuses on a combination of strength, duration and a good amount of range, so try to go towards that direction.

You can even use the augmented mod Pyroclastic Flow by simply switching out Primed Flow or Streamline for it.

And if you combine it with melee combat you might find yourself having a lot of fun, while also dealing some damage to your enemies!


Nezha has really cool abilities and shines as a tank as well as with his crowd control. The damage output isn’t really the best, but that’s not what he is here for.

Using the Divine Spears to delay and control your enemies is a good way to fight your way trough survival, interception and even high level defense missions.

Feel free to experiment with the different augmented mods and find the perfect build for your needs. And don’t forget to have fun while playing with Nezha!

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  1. And I’d add that using his ‘2’ or “4 then 2” forces enemies to drop energy/life bublle, that make Nezha more versatile : tank+crowd control+support

  2. Nezha can deal good dmg with his 2 multiplying your dmg and you can even throw in breach surge to melt enemies in steel path, at that point burning spears just becomes an escape tool.


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