Nightwave Intermission II – Week 3

‘It’s that time again, dreamers!’ – Another week has passed and we’re back with more Nightwave missions and solutions on how to finish them as fast and efficient as possible. As usual, if you didn’t finish last week’s quests you can recover them until the end of the current Nightwave Intermission, so if you’re currently farming the new Warframe and fighting your own Kuva Lich you don’t need to worry: You still have a couple of weeks left to get your Nightwave rewards.

In case you are looking for a few simple pointers on Nightwave, we highly recommend reading through our little F.A.Q. guide, or asking your questions in the comments. This week’s Nightwave quests are fairly straight forward and you should be able to finish them in one or two sessions, especially if you know exactly what to do. So keep on reading and get your tips and tricks!

The Weekly Quests

Killing Eximus units is usually something you simply do by playing the game. Doesn’t matter if you’re hunting for your Lich, opening relics in Fissure missions or if you’re still progressing through the star chart. The longer you stay in a mission and the higher level enemies you face, the more likely it is to find a few Eximus foes. If you really want to farm for them you could either jump into a Elite Sanctuary Onslaught run or wait for a Sorties mission with the Eximus condition to appear. We recommend ignoring this quest and concentrate on everything else first – you should kill a lot of Eximus units simply by doing other stuff.

Nine invasion missions are as easy as nine normal missions – because that is basically what they are. It is obviously best to finish each invasion mission three times for the extra reward, but if you don’t care all that much about what reward you get, simply pick the shortest mission types: Assassination, Sabotage, Rescue, Exterminate or Capture are super fast and can usually be done in two or three minutes. Bring your best area-of-effect Warframes and rush through the missions to decrease the time needed.

If you find yourself running invasion rescue mission you will finish this mission simply by doing that. If you can’t find a rescue invasion, why not wait for a Fissure mission to combine relic openings with solving this quest? And if you’re doing Sorties every day already there is a high chance you’ll eventually get three rescue missions throughout the week. Or combine it with your Kuva Lich hunt. There are a lot of options and all are great.

Every planet gets one Nightmare mission per day, so you have plenty to choose from. If you’re still in the early or mid game, we recommend doing Nightmare missions on lower level planets and always look up the special condition before choosing your equipment.

Pick a fish, get some bait, find the best spot and start fishing when the temperature is right. This is an super easy quest, especially if you get some bait and Luminous Dye. You will be able to finish it in under five minutes as long as you stay patient and don’t start hunting random fishes. Just wait for the rare fish to spawn.

Elite Weekly Quests

There isn’t really much to say about this task. Pick a Fissure defense if you want to be efficient with your time, but otherwise just join a Defense run, stay 20 waves and bring either an area-of-effect DPS or some sort of protective Warframe – Khora, Frost, Volt or Gara are great choices. You probably will be able to find a dedicated group in the recruitment chat during the week, so check it out if you don’t want to start with random players.

While this mission might look a little bit tougher than all the other tasks from this week, it really isn’t – especially if you know that Void missions can’t trigger an alarm. So simply head over to Oxomoco (Void), finish the Exterminate run and you’re good to go. Bring whatever kills the enemies fast (we recommend the reworked Ember) and enjoy your Nightwave standing!

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