Nightwave Season 2 ends October 13

It took a while for Digital Extremes to announce the end of Nightwave Season 2, but we finally did get a date: Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary will end on October 13, 2019, on all platforms. Even though it was first announced that this Nightwave season should only last for about ten weeks, in the end we will have had 14 weeks of Nightwave Season 2. A more than generous time to reach rank 30 and all the rewards you want and need.

It also means that you still have a lot of time to work your ways through the Nightwave ranks, especially since the new ‘catch-up’ mechanic will allow you to play acts you missed in previous weeks. So even if you are currently on a lower rank, go ahead and start grinding through the different quests and missions.

In case you are looking for some help with all the Nightwave quests, you should check out our weekly Nightwave guides and start reading through our Nightwave F.A.Q. for more basic information on the game mode. In case you do want to read through the official post about Nightwave Series 2, we recommend heading over to the official forum and check out the information there.

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