Nightwave Week 10

Nora is back and brings you joy, more Emissary Creds, and new quests to solve in the upcoming week. Even though more and more people should reach rank 30 in the current Nightwave season, you probably want to keep on playing and solving all the weekly quests. Get yourself all the aura mods, all the alternate helmets and all the misc items you need. If you are still working on last week’s missions and missed the deadline, don’t worry: You will be able to get those missions back!

If you’re still new to all this Nightwave stuff, we recommend reading through our small, but informative Nightwave F.A.Q. guide and learn everything you need to know. As usual, we will provide some tips and tricks on how to solve this week’s quests, so keep on reading if you’re in need of help.

The Weekly Quests

The biggest advantage you have in hunting down the caches is your sound: A distinct sound will be emitted by those caches once you get close, so make sure to turn off your music – at least for this mission. A lot of people simply run the Earth sabotage mission (Cervantes) or pick the Void sabotage (Marduk) because they still remember it from the pre-relic era. But honestly, the best mission is the mission you know best. You should also be able to find a group in the recruitment chat during the week in case you don’t know any map and need some help.

Not much to explain here. Head to Cetus, accept the bounty from Konzu and repeat until you’ve finished this quest. Doing these bounty runs is actually a great way to farm the relics for Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime, so you probably already want to do bounty runs during the week. If you’re having trouble finding a good Warframe, bring either a good area-of-effect DPS or pick a support and hope to find a group that you can support.

Helping Clem is actually just a solo ten-minute-survival-mission. Head to any relay, use the fast-travel option to the ‘Darvo Deal’ and ask Darvo if Clem needs your help, which will then start the mission. Bring whatever Warframe you like and make sure to revive Clem if he gets downed. There isn’t really much to explain or give help on, so just head into the mission and survive!

Helping Cephalon Simaris might actually be somewhat confusing if you’ve never done it before. Luckily we do have a guide on that where we explain in detail where to go, what to do and how to find the targets. If you’re having trouble with the latter, we recommend using this great Steam guide and simply look for your current target. The list is usually up-to-date and will provide great insight on where you will find what you’re looking for.

The quickest way to do this is just head into a Capture Fissure mission and repeat that three times. Or you could wait for a Sabotage mission and find a group that is willing to look for caches while doing the Fissure mission. Or just head into an endless mission and stay for three rounds. Do whatever you want and like to be honest, because there isn’t a way to do something wrong here.

Elite Weekly Quests

This is probably the most annoying quest for this week, simply because you need to make sure to log-in into Warframe at the right time. Waiting for the switch from day to night on Earth (not on Cetus!) to scan all the plants sometimes feels super frustrating, especially if you only have a certain amount of time to play every week. In case you don’t know what you need or where to find the Grove Specters, head over to our guide, which will explain in detail what you need to do and where you find everything you need.

This elite weekly quest on the other hand is fairly easy to do and shouldn’t be problematic at all: There is a nightmare mission on each planet (indicated by a red rectangle around the node) and they do reset once per day. So even if you haven’t made your way through the whole star chart yet, you should be able to finish ten nightmare missions within a few days. Make sure to look for the condition so you don’t get surprised by it.

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