Nightwave Week 11

We already mentioned in the last week’s Nightwave report that more and more people are getting towards that rank 30 mark. If you’re not there already, don’t worry – you still have a few weeks to go. This week’s missions will help you with that goal, because most of these mission shouldn’t become a problem for you. You might ask yourself how to solve the Lua Halls of Ascension quest or never heard of Sorties, but luckily we are here to help you with all your questions.

As usual, if you are new(ish) to Warframe and if you’re looking for more general information about Nightwave and Nora, head to our Nightwave F.A.Q. and read through that short guide. If you’re hear to learn more about the different quests, you’re in good hands!

The Weekly Quests

You can simply use the ‘Invasions’ tab in your star chart and head towards a planet with Invasion missions from there. And while you could simply do whatever to finish this quest, we recommend combining it with the Outbreak Mission farm for even more Nightwave standing. Or do whatever mission gives you the reward you’re currently searching for and ignore everything said here. Both are valid options.

Killing 500 enemies won’t take long, especially if you head into an endless fissure mission, farm some Sanctuary Onslought or just work on all the other Nightwave missions first. You’ll eventually get there, so there isn’t really a need to simply do a ‘kill enemies’ mission.

While you could simply rush through three Rescue mission on Earth or Venus, you might want to look out for something to combine your Rescue runs with – especially if you’re short on time to play Warframe. Look at Sorties for example, because you’re going to need to do that as well. Or check the Invasion missions, maybe you’ll get a Rescue node.

While previous missions required you to run multiple Sorties in a week (up to five!), this week’s quest only needs you to the Sortie run once. If you’ve never did Sorties before, we recommend reading through our Sorties Guide and learn everything needed to know. Or just jump in and learn on your own. You’re free to play however you want.

Mining isn’t really challenging or exciting, but there is some RNG involved and you might find yourself searching for some good spots. We recommend running from one cave to another and use your drill to find ore deposits around those caves. That way you should be able to be fairly quick in farming six rare gems.

Weekly Elite Quests

Doing four Lua Halls of Ascension runs is also not super time consuming – if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t really know what to look for, this quest might become somewhat annoying and problematic. Luckily we do have a guide with all the information and tricks you’ll need to solve the quest. And if you’re still having trouble you should be able to find a group in the recruitment chat during the week.

20 waves of defense aren’t a lot. Combine it with Sorties, fissure missions or Invasions if you want to be time-efficient. Or just pick a Saryn, head to Lith (Earth) and nuke the lowest Defense mission in a very short amount of time. If you don’t want to be alone in your endeavor, use the recruitment chat and you should find a premade group quickly.

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