Nightwave Week 13

We finally did get a date for the upcoming end of Nightwave Season 2, but until then we will still give you weekly short guides on all the quests. This week brings you a good mix of different things to do and while most of these things should be fairly easy to understand, we do recommend reading through a few of our guides if you need some advice. Also, if you’re still not rank 30 in Nightwave, you should start grinding for levels while you can – in two weeks the current season will end and you won’t be able to get the rewards or spend your Nightwave Creds once it is finished.

In case you’re looking for our last week’s guide, simply click here. If you are new(ish) to Warframe and you have no idea what Nightwave is, head over to our Nightwave F.A.Q. and read through that. Otherwise: Enjoy playing Warframe!

The Weekly Quests

Of course we do offer you our Disruption Mode Guide with all the information you need and want about the newest mode in the game. But in case you don’t want to read through it: Kelpie (Sedna) gives you Gauss’s blueprints, two weapons can drop from Ur (Uranus) and you can get the Lua Lens blueprint on Appolo (Lua). Or use Tamu (Kuva Fortress) in case you rather get some extra Kuva. Those are all good places to farm and you should pick whatever you need and want. Also, bring a Warframe and weapon that can kill the Demolysts fast enough.

Mining on the Plains of Eidolon can be somewhat annoying if you don’t know where to look. We recommend running from one cave to the next one and make your way through those underground holes. Usually you will get a lot of potential ores to mine from and the rest is RNG. Bringing an area-of-effect damage Warframe (e.g. Ember or Volt) will make sure you can quickly deal with random mobs spawning around you while you’re looking for ores.

Generally speaking you could just ignore this mission for now and keep doing your normal Warframe stuff – eventually you will encounter and kill some Eximus units. But if you’re trying to find those as fast as possible, we recommend either looking for Sorties missions with the Eximus condition or try to fight your way through the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO). If you don’t have access to any of those, staying as long as possible in the highest endless mission accessible to you can be a good start as well.

It is important to note that you don’t have to complete eight zones in a row, so if you’re only able to stay four rounds, you can do that twice. If you’re already planing on doing ESO runs for the Eximus Eliminator mission mentioned above, then find yourself an ESO group and stay eight zones. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a good C-rotation drop – something we’re still trying to do.

Well, this mission is probably the easiest this week. Pick a relic, join a Fissure mission and collect ten reactants. Repeat two more times. You could try and find a Disruption Fissure to be efficient with your time, but opening three relics shouldn’t take a lot of time. If you just want to be fast, join a Capture or Exterminate Fissure mission and you should be done in less than ten minutes.

Elite Weekly Quests

If you’ve never ever done Kuva Survival before, use the recruitment chat to find yourself a premade group for this mission. But honestly, it isn’t hard: Join the Survival mission Taveuni (Kuva Fortress), don’t activate the life support beams but rather wait for a special Kuva enemy to spawn and kill that special enemy. Take the cylinder it dropps, run to a life support console and use the cylinder there. Protect the life support and wait until the timer is done before you find the next console. Repeat until 30 minutes are over. We also recommend bringing a Nekros into the mission to simplify everything.

If you’ve never fought a Tusk Thumper, we recommend reading our guide on the mini boss. Otherwise: Spawning a Tusk Thumper Doma will be fairly easy if you join a bounty on Cetus and either just wait for it to find you while doing the bounty missions or fly around until you’ve found a Tusk Thumper. If it isn’t the Doma version, kill it and wait 90 to 120 seconds for the next one to spawn. Remember: The higher the enemy level, the more likely it is for a Doma to spawn, so joining the highest bounty tier is your best choice. It also has to be day for Tusk Thumpers to spawn, because night time is Eidolon time.

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