Nightwave Week 14

The last week of Nightwave Season 2 has started and now you really should start grinding those ranks if you haven’t done that already. The current season will be concluded on October 13 and once it is done you won’t be able to increase your rank or spend any Emissary Creds, so make sure to spend everything you’ve accumulated over the last weeks and month. If you are just tuning in into Nightwave, we recommend to read through our quick F.A.Q. to learn the basics about the special mode.

In case you haven’t done every mission from the last week, hop over to our Nightwave Week 13 guide and read through that. Otherwise just finish up this week’s quests and enjoy the fruits of your labor – a.k.a. Creds and rewards.

The Weekly Quests

If you do want to be as efficient as possible, either wait for a Sorties with an assassination to pop up or join a mission that will drop blueprints for a Warframe you currently don’t own. If you just want to be as fast as possible we recommend to hunt The Sergeant on Iliad (Phobos) three times. He is the most basic and easy-to-kill boss in the game and you can finish the assassination in under two minutes.

Honestly, conservation is super easy and fast if you do have all the equipment and an Ivara. Otherwise it can be annoying to do, but either way we recommend reading through our Conservation Guide and not only learn how to perfectly capture those wild animals, but what equipment you should pick and what tricks are worth keeping in mind. Don’t give up if you mess up a capture or two – it happens to the best of us.

Fissures or Sorties are a good way to combine Spy mission farming with something useful – unless you are already doing Spy nodes for Ivara blueprint drops. Now would also be a good time to start learning all the different Spy missions, because at some point you really want to dive in and understand what you need to do and how you can skip the harder parts of it. Or, you know, just join a Spy mission and hope your team can solve it for you.

There isn’t really a lot to explain here. Head into Fortuna, accept a bounty and repeat that five times. Make sure to not do the same bounty twice if you’re focused on completing this quest as fast as possible and bring a good area-of-effect DPS for higher level bounty runs. Mesa is great, Ember is fine, Equinox and Volt are also good choices. Or pick a tank, a support or anything you like as long as you aren’t a burden to your team.

A lot of Orb Vallis quests this week, but at least this one shouldn’t take you long. Find a spot, bring some bait for faster rare spawns and keep on fishing until you have six rare servofish. Usually you will be done within five minutes. If it takes longer you’re either using the wrong bait for your spot or you forgot to check if the fish you are looking for is either a cold weather or warm weather fish. There is a good chance to find a group for this quest in the recruitment chat if you’re new and need some pointers.

Elite Weekly Quests

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) is already a mission type that a lot of people are looking for in the recruitment chat. With this elite quest up for the week you really shouldn’t have a problem finding a premade team that will stay for eight zones. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to stay eight zones in a row. So if you’re going in with a random team and people start leaving early you can just restart the mission and get your eight zones that way.

30 minutes of survival isn’t a lot and you can easily combine it with Fissure farming and relic opening. This quest however requires you to stay 30 minutes in a single mission, so you really should try and find a premade group in the recruitment chat if you don’t want to (or can’t) stay alone after a few minutes.

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