Nightwave Week 7

Honestly, this week’s Nightwave missions are very easy to do (with maybe one exception), so if you haven’t had the time to do all quests from the last few weeks, now would be a good time to work on that. Quickly finish the weekly tasks and then slowly start working on everything you didn’t do until now. If you haven’t played a lot lately, we also advice taking a look at the Nightwave quests from last week to get some ideas on what you’re going to have to deal with.

As usual, we are going to do our best to help you with all the new quests that you need to solve this week. If you have more general questions about Nightwave, head over to our F.A.Q. guide, otherwise just keep on reading!

The Weekly Quests

This one might be a little bit more frightening for newer players, but don’t worry: Once you’ve managed to beat the ‘The Second Dream’ questline you get your Operator – and an important tool to fight the enemies in Kuva Siphon missions. To find such a mission you first need to find the Kuva Fortress on your star map and then head onto a planet that is currently close to the rotating tileset. Click on that planet, find a node with the special Kuva Siphon mission and start it.

In the mission, simply run through the map until you find the Kuva Siphon and defend it. There will be some ‘red smoke’ (a.k.a. the Kuva Clouds) spawning (use your sound to find it fast) and you need to use your Void Dash to catch those before they get to the Kuva Siphon. Also use your Void Dash to ‘stun’ the harder enemies and then simply kill them with your weapons. If you are still new to all this, don’t hesitate to look for help in the recruitment chat!

Mining is always easy, but for the best results we recommend going into the free roam mode on the Plains of Eidolon (go solo if you don’t want to deal with random team mates with different agendas) and use your drill to find ore depots. Mark a cave on your map, head to it and through it and then head for the next cave. There is no guarantee how fast you can get enough rare ores, but usually you should have all you need after a few cave runs.

There isn’t much explaining to do here. If you want to be as efficient as possible, combine the Exterminate mission runs with fissures, resource farming or Sorties. The current meta pick for Exterminate is Ember, but you can obviously bring whatever you want, like and can beat the mission with.

Again, Ember is a great choice here. You can simply run towards the hostage and free them without worrying about killing anything – your ‘World on Fire’ ability will do that for you. And you should also try and combine it with something else (Fissures, Sorties, etc.) so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time on something you would otherwise not do.

Well, it seems like this week’s Nightwave doesn’t want me to shine with my knowledge. Head into any Fissure mission, open the relic and repeat it three times. The only tip we could possible give here is that you might either want to use the relics you are already going to open – or to take a look at our great relic farming guides. Are you looking to get some Axi relics? We have the right guide for you!

Elite Weekly Quests

So this quest needs you to finish one complete round (a.k.a. capturing all three Eidolons) of Eidolon hunting. If you have never done it before, don’t worry too much: During this week you will eventually see a lot of people offering their help in recruitment chat. Just look for a newbie-friendly group or consider starting one on your own if you see yourself as a more seasoned veteran. There are also some great Eidolon guides out there (and I swear we will eventually get one as well!), so look for one of those if you want to inform yourself beforehand.

Killing 1.500 enemies shouldn’t be hard. For anyone. Just grind through the missions and keep playing like you normally would. If you are looking for the best mission type to quickly kill a lot of enemies, we recommend Sanctuary Onslought and Elite Sanctuary Onslought, because you will find a high density of enemies here.

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