Nightwave Week 8

This week does feel somewhat special, because if you kept up with your Nightwave quests over the last few weeks you should be able to hit rank 30 now. The missions themselves are fairly easy and even if you count yourself more as a new(ish) player you will be able to do all of them. Even if you didn’t keep up with all the quests in the last few weeks, don’t worry – you will be able to recover all the weekly quests you missed. Read more about that (and about other stuff) in our Nightwave F.A.Q. section.

If you are interested in last week’s missions feel free to take a look at our Nightwave Week 7 article or navigate through the last few weeks. If you are looking for some help on the current quests, keep on reading here. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your questions and leave us a comment with your own ideas, tips and tricks!

The Weekly Quests

If you never have done any animal captures this might be a little bit confusing for you, but what you basically need to do is go to Fortuna (Venus) and find ‘The Business’. Buy yourself a Tranq Rifle and some lure (the cheap ones will do, but getting all will make the whole thing way more easy), equip the rifle in your gear wheel and head into Orb Vallis. Equip the Tranq Rifle from your gear wheel and use the mini map (top left corner of your screen) or the big map (open your map and set a way point) to find a hunting area. Look for some poo on the ground and start tracking the animal by following a trail.

Once the trail stops (and the game tells you to), bring out the right lure suitable to the animal you were following and start making noises. Try to match the animal noises by keeping the sound inside the lure guide bar that just popped up and eventually your hunting target will respond. Once the game tells you to you should move out a bit (or play an invisibility Warframe like Ivara) and wait for the animal to come towards you. Make sure the wind won’t give you away (use the snow fall as an indicator) and use your Tranq Rifle to capture the animal. Once you’ve hit it, you can go to it and call for the conservation ship to pick it up.

Ivara is by far your best choice: Not only does the invisibility work well with not getting spotted, but you can also use your Sleep Arrow in the last phase instead of your Trinq Rifle – makes it easy against groups of animals or animals that need more than one trinq shot!

Helping Clem is as easy as doing a ten-minute-survival run – because that’s what it is. Head to any relay (or use the ‘Help Clem’ alert from your alert tab) and talk to Darvo. Asking him if Clem needs any help will start the mission and you basically have to survive for ten minutes before you can extract. So bring whatever Warframe you like most, make sure to revive Clem if he gets downed (because the guy needs our help, duh!) and enjoy the easy mission.

This is probably the easiest mission of this week, but to be as efficient as possible you want to either wait for Sortie capture missions or for Fissure capture missions to combine farming one thing with another. Or just head into any capture mission you like, bring a Speed Volt (or whatever Warframe you like most) and you are good to go.

Losing three Forma is annoying, especially if you are new(ish) in the game and don’t have a lot of Forma to use. If you still want to finish this quest, make sure to use your Forma on weapons and Warframes you really like and want to make stronger anyway. If you are short on Forma you can always buy it from the market (buy the Forma Bundle) or open a few relics and try to get Forma blueprints.

Well, we gladly refer to our Tusk Thumper guide if you are looking for help on how to fight the big, bad and mean machine. To find one you can either just roam the Plains of Eidolon or do a bounty run, just make sure that it is during the day – Tusk Thumpers don’t spawn during night time. To make the fight against the Thumpers super easy bring a high(er) range weapon and equip your Archwing. That way you can easily dodge all Thumper attacks.

Elite Weekly Quests

Even though a lot of people skip Lua and the Halls of Ascension stuff as much as possible, finding and solving the Lua puzzles is actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know what needs to be done, then quickly hop to our Halls of Ascention guide and read through the different puzzles and solutions. But don’t worry, there will be a lot of people looking to do these puzzles during the week, so keep an eye on the recruitment chat and find a group there.

At least now you only have to do three Sortie runs and not five anymore. But since you can do Sorties only once per day, you should make sure to log-in as often as necessary. Sorties are a little bit harder than normal missions, but you should be able to either find a group in recruitment chat or do them with randoms as long as you bring your best equipment. Make sure to look at the conditions of each Sortie mission and plan accordingly. Otherwise you might find yourself having some trouble.

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