Nightwave Week 9

While almost all of this week’s Nightwave missions are fairly easy to do and won’t really hold you back in terms of time commitment needed to finish everything, some do need a good amount of explaining – especially if you’re new(ish) to the game. Gladly, we are here again with our quick weekly guide, helping you out with out tips and tricks. As usual, if you’re having questions regarding Nightwave you should probably start reading through our Nightwave F.A.Q. guide, which should solve the most common questions.

Also, if you didn’t manage to finish last week’s Nightwave quests you might want to read through our last week’s guide for Nightwave Week 8. Otherwise keep on reading and find the missions below that do give you problems.

The Weekly Quests

Head down to Cetus (Earth), buy yourself a Fishing Spear and some bait from ‘Fisher Hai-Luk’ and then head out to the Plains of Eidolon. Depending on what bait you brought you want to find the right fishing spot and use some Luminous Dye together with the bait. Personally I do recommend using Murkray Bait and the Lanzo Fishing Spear, run or fly to the west end of the Plains of Eidolon and run up and down the coast until you find a fishing hotspot (those little water splashes on the ocean).

You can always use other bait, but make sure to bring the right spear for different types of fish. Then just sit inside or close of the water and wait for the right moment to catch some rare fishes.

After completing the Vox Solaris quest in Fortuna you will be rewarded with your first K-Drive. Equip it into your gear wheel and head into Orb Vallis. There is a really great Reddit guide that shows all 22 potential race locations, but only five of those will spawn every time you start on Orb Vallis. If you want to reset them, simply head into the elevator and down to Fortuna, before going back up.

Use your Archwing if possible to quickly fly from one potential race spot to another and don’t forget that you don’t have to be fast for this quest. So slowly run through every point and finish the races.

Mobile Defenses are fairly easy. If you’re having trouble, bring either area-of-effect damage or some good crowd control. A Slow Nova is usually a great choice here. If you want to be super efficient, try to combine Mobile Defense runs with Fissures or Sorties. Or look out for Syndicate missions, because that is what our next quest will be.

Once you’ve reached Rank 1 with one of the six faction syndicates, you will be able to start doing missions for those. These missions will yield some amount of standing, but also give you the chance to find special syndicate medallions, which can be exchanged for even more standing. Simply use your syndicate tab on the star chart and look through all the missions you can run. Note that not everyone will be looking for medallions if you’re going in with randoms, so consider doing those alone or with a premade group.

This mission is super easy if you know what you’re doing, but feels very problematic if you have no clue where to start. Luckily we do have a great Vault Run Guide that explains exactly what you need and what Warframes and weapons are great here. To make it short: Craft the Dragon Keys, find a group and use a Warframe that can somewhat nullify the disadvantages the Dragon Keys emit.

Elite Weekly Quests

If you never ever have done a run on the Index, you really want to quickly take a look at our The Index guide. If you’ve done Index multiple times, but you’re just looking for some help on how to solve the Nightwave quest, here is our tip: Bring a point carrier (Rhino or Revenant are great) and a Limbo, plus whatever (you could even do it with just two people and two bots). Join the lowest Index mission and now Limbo needs to make sure that his Cataclysm and Stasis is always up. Kill enemies on the map, collect points and turn them it. Repeat until you’re done.

Kuva Survival is actually fairly easy if you know what to do: Head into the mission on the Kuva Fortress, find a Kuva enemy and use your Operator to Void Dash trough those special enemies. Now use your weapons to kill that enemy, pick up the Kuva Key and head to a Life Support Module. Use the Kuva Key, defend the console and repeat. 30 minutes should be easy enough, especially if you find a four-man-team with a Nekros in it.

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