Nitain Extract Farming Guide

Are you looking for Nitain Extract farming guide and ways to get it in Warframe? Unlike most resources in Warframe, Nitain Extract isn’t something you can farm.

Most Warcraft players will have stumbled upon it at some point and wondered how to get Nitain Extract if it can’t be farmed. There are other ways to get it instead of farming.

Nitain Extract is needed to craft Archwings, Warframes and various weapons. You need 20 Nitrain Extract to create Vauban Prime, for example.

There used to be a limit of four alerts daily but this has been changed, so there are other ways to get the resource you need.

You can obtain Nitain Extract several ways. It can be a reward for some missions by only by chance on a reward table. You can also buy it on Nightwave.

Cetus bounties in the Ghoul Purge event also offer the possibility of getting some, or you could get it as a Resource Cache award on various exterminate and sabotage missions.

You might also get some if you defeat the Zealoid Prelate in the mission for the Derelict Emissary Assassinate.

How To Get Nitain Extract

Let’s take a closer look at the methods you can use to get Nitain Extract on Warcraft.

Nitain Extract Farm Warframe
Nitain Extract

Get Nitain Extract via Nightwave

Whenever you open the Nightwave menu, you can check the available offerings for Nitain Extract. 5 Nitain Extract costs 15 Nighwave credits, which is probably the best and easiest way of getting this resource.

Nightwave is quite a new addition to the game, and it is like a free version of a Battle Pass. You need to rank up to earn Intermission Creds, the Nightwave currency used to exchange and purchase items.

Complete Nightwave challenges for Nightwave credits. There are weekly as well as daily tasks. Try to finish as many of these challenges as you can, so you have plenty of Nightware credits to spend afterwards.

Ghoul Purge Bounties

The Ghoul Purge event happens every now and then, offering various bounties to Warframe players. There is a chance to win Nitain Extract here, and you can look at which stages and bounties include this resource as a drop.

If you get some Nitain Extract from a bounty, you can withdraw from the mission and you don’t need to complete the other mission stages.

From level 15 to level 50, you can expect 4.12% of bounties to include Nitain Extract in Stage 4. This goes up to 5.95% in Stage 5.

Gift of the Lotus

The Gift of the Lotus is an event which can sometimes prove helpful. Complete missions to get rewards. Sometimes you can get Nitain Extract after completing such a mission.

Some missions can only be done one time and you won’t get more Nitain Extract if you repeat them.

Resource Caches

Some exterminate or sabotage missions have resource caches you can find. Some will have Nitain Extract in the unlocked caches which you can get at the end of the mission.

This isn’t the quickest method to get Nitain Extract and there is also only a small chance you will find it. There are methods to help you locate the caches containing it though, such as equipping mods to show the Nitain Extract locations. Try Loot Radar or Animal Instinct.

Reactor Sabotage Missions

You can get Nitrain Extract for every cache you find in reactor sabotage missions. The Exterminate missions on Jupiter, Lua and Kuva Fortress yield Nitrain Extract in the third cache.

The Sabotage mission on the Void also offers it in the third cache. There is only a 2% chance of finding Nitrain Extract but the more missions you do the more chance you have of finding some.

If you are going to try this method, do fast runs by running squads with clanmates or friends. One can complete the mission which three others look for Orokin Caches.

Make sure you do Rotation C for the best chance of finding Nitain Extract. You can also find fully crafted Formas and Ayatan Sculptures on these missions.

In Conclusion

The best way to get this resource is just to use Nightwave credits and buy it. You can get 5 Nitain Extract for just 15 Nightwave credits and this is quite a lot.

It’s certainly faster and more efficient than having to look for it and having low chances of actually finding it. Nitain Extract rewards will be visible and you can see whether it is included as a reward.

The next best way to get Nitain Extract is doing Ghoul Purges, since you have quite a good chance of getting it from those.

Although you need 20 Nitain Extract to create Vauban Prime and 10 to make Aura Forma, all other items requiring this resouce only need between 2 and 5 Nitain Extract each to make them.

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