Nyx Prime Builds Guide

While some Warframes are just more ‘meta’ than others, there are also some that seem forgotten and simply out of touch with the current requirements in the game.

Nyx is one of those frames and even though she does have interesting abilities, she is a rare sight nowadays.

The main reason for that is that her big crowd control ability (‘Chaos’) and her ultimate ability (‘Absorb’) are not in the right place at the moment.

She simply feels very weak, especially if you want to abuse those two abilities.

Getting your hands on Nyx is pretty easy (check out our guide on that!), but at the same time requires the right Infested Invasion mission to be accessible.

You do need to kill Phorid over and over until you get all the blueprints needed. If you decide to farm (and build) her, you might want to find some builds that will help you maximize her potential and even though she isn’t the strongest pick at the moment, there are still some fun-to-play ideas.

So keep on reading and maybe you’ll find yourself playing Nyx more often than you thought!


  • Comes with 2 polarities
  • Huge AoE CC
  • Slightly above average sprint speed
  • Easy to farm
  • Interesting skill set


  • Low armor
  • Lowish DPS
  • Feels very squishy
  • Very situational Warframe

The Best Nyx Prime Builds

Starting your build with a aura mod pick is not very hard regarding Nyx’ builds. There is only one right choice and it is Corrosive Projection.

You don’t need the energy regeneration from Energy Siphon, because you aren’t going to spam your abilities and if you build around ‘Absorb’, you’re not going to benefit due to the fact that it is a channeled ability.

Unless you are in a team that really needs Rejuvenation you rather have the armor reduction from the Corrosive Projection aura.

Also don’t forget that channeled abilities benefit from Primed Continuity (or extra duration in general), so picking the duration mod over something like Fleeting Expertise is always the better choice.

Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build

Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build
Nyx Prime Crowd Control Build

If you’re going to play a lot of Nyx there is a high chance that you are picking her because of her crowd control abilities.

While ‘Mind Control’ can only overtake one enemy at a time, your third ability ‘Chaos’ is really strong in the right mission. Every mission type where you don’t need to kill the enemies, but rather concentrate on your mission target will benefit from it.

Examples are survival, interception or excavation, so try her out in these kinds of missions.

The build itself is pretty self-explanatory, because you want to stack as much range as you can get and combine it with a good amount of duration.

Some efficiency is also nice, but not essential, because your third ability can easily be up for 50+ seconds.

So you’ll be able to regenerate energy or simply find energy orbs during that time. Chaos Sphere is a nice addition to your build and will help out during high density fights.

You don’t need Primed Flow (or it’s normal version) for the same reason you don’t need that much ability efficiency.

This builds doesn’t utilize any survivability mods like Vitality or Redirection, but if you want to pick one of those (especially in higher level mission it is recommended to focus a bit more on survivability), switch out Augur Message for one of those.

Vitality is probably your best choice, because it will help against status effects like toxin or slash damage.

Nyx Prime Absorb Nuke Build

Nyx Prime Absorb Nuke Build
Nyx Prime Absorb Nuke Build

This build is more on the casual side of things and will help you nuke whole mob groups in just a few seconds, but the fall-off against higher level enemies (especially mobs with high armor) is highly noticeable.

You can use this build in almost every mission type as long as you move around, jump into high density mob groups and activate your ‘Absorb’ ability. Wait until you hit the right amount of damage absorption, release your skill and nuke everything in range.

Yes, you need to do a few training runs before you get a feeling for the right amount of damage absorption (how much do you need to one-shot certain enemies, levels, etc.), but after a while you know what to do and when to release your ability.

You do want to increase all your ability stats by a bit, but mainly focus on ability strength and range. Overextended might seem like a bad choice (it reduces your ability strength quite a bit), but does increase your explosion radius from 14.5 meters to 23,5 meters.

Umbral Intensify is a great addition, but if you don’t have it maxed (or you don’t have enough mod capacity left), simply use the normal Intensify version.

The augmented mod ‘Assimilate’ might be tempting, but in reality you don’t need to move around while channeling your ability. Just jump in, charge up your damage meter and release it once it hits the threshold you want it to hit.

Transient Fortitude over Blind Rage might also seem a bit odd, but the extra efficiency is very useful and often times you do need to let your ‘Absorb’ ability channel for more than just a few seconds, especially against higher level enemies.

A few words of advice: Don’t run this build against higher level enemies. You start to feel vulnerable once you see level 45+ enemies, simply because they have higher amounts of armor and a bigger health pool, so you need to channel your ‘Absorb’ ability longer.

This build also don’t uses survivability mods like Redirection or Vitality (you don’t really need it against lower tier mobs).

This leaves you vulnerable to getting one-shotted, so keep an eye out for that.


Nyx is certainly a great Warframe with an interesting skill set.

She was very strong during the early ages of the game, but nowadays it seems Digital Extremes doesn’t really like to bother with mission types that require a good amount of crowd control.

She does have some fun-to-play builds, but generally speaking she feels weaker than most of the other Warframes.

That said, playing her can still be a lot fun, so don’t give up on her entirely. Try out to break her and the current meta and tell us what builds you prefer. If you also have more builds, share them in the comments.

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    • It’s not really worth it to build around the second ability. Sure, the debuffs are nice, but you would need to bring a strong (AoE?) weapon – which is usually enough in itself to get rid of enemies. Instead, go with another build and use your second ability as needed!


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