Alloy Plate Farming Guide

Alloy Plate is a resource and can mostly be found on planets in the star chart. It is a carbon steel plate that’s used to not only reinforce Grineer armor but is … Read more

Vulkar (Guide & Best Builds)

The Vulkar is one of the first sniper rifles that any Tenno will come across in the game, the first time that you will see this sniper rifle is when going up … Read more

MK1-Strun (Guide & Best Builds)

The MK1-Strun is the standard issue shotgun for all the Tenno, it is most likely the shotgun that most new players in Warframe will use. It is one of the first weapons … Read more

Cedo Guide & Best Builds

There is an old Orokin saying of “the apple doesn’t fall too farm from the tree” and when using the Cedo, the signature weapon of the Warframe Lavos, this saying is too … Read more

Proboscis Cernos Guide & Best Builds

The Proboscis Cernos is a scourging pandemic to its enemies.  Its shear brutality and virulence make it an absolute plague of a bow that combines the hostility, adaptability, and hostility of the … Read more

Bubonico Guide & Best Builds

Like its infested predecessors the Bubonico is a devastating plague to the enemies of the tenno. It is an adaptable hand cannon that can put out quite the damage with its primary … Read more

Strun Prime (Guide & Best Builds)

Like the Strun Wraith, the Strun prime is the final and well-deserved evolution on the shotgun known as the Strun. The Strun Prime is the mastery 13 prime variant of the Strun … Read more

Shedu Guide & Best Shedu Builds

In Warframe, its always talked about how dangerous the sentients were. Every action of very faction is as a result of the sentient war. The Grineer were originally created as a means … Read more