Opticor Builds Guide

The Opticor is one of the strongest weapons in the game and can deal a huge amount of damage in just one single shot. The laser cannon is a charged weapon, so … Read more

Frost Prime Builds Guide

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Volt Prime Builds Guide

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Revenant Builds Guide

Known as “Vlad” during development, Revenant was expected to be a bloodsucking vampire. Since his release in August 2018, we do know that he is more of an Eidolon energy type of … Read more

Tigris Prime Builds Guide

When Digital Extreme released the Tigris Prime in 2016, the shotgun quickly became one of the most used weapons in the game. The primed Tigris has the highest base damage of any … Read more

Saryn Prime Builds Guide

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Loki Prime Builds Guide

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Octavia Builds Guide

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Banshee Prime Builds Guide

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