Parazon Warframe Guide

This bladed tool can be used for various functions by Warframes. The main use is to Hack enemy electronics, but it’s also strong enough to be used as an assassination weapon.

It’s usually hidden when not being used and will materialize on a Warframe’s right wrist when required.

The Parazon comes with a tether so a Warframe can throw it out and get it back later.

Parazon Mechanics

The Parazon is a weapon in the Arsenal which is equipped on all Warframes all the time. It has three Mod slots which you can use to enhance its abilities.

It can be custom-colorized as the player likes, the same as all Warframe weapons.

Hacking: To hack a console, a Warframe will insert the Parazon into the console to start. According to the equipped Parazon hacking Mods, hacking bonuses will be applied.

Mercy: Parazon can kill any enemies who can be Mercy-killed. This deadly Finisher has a more elaborate killing animation than the regular Finishers. Perform a Mercy kill on any enemy who has a red Parazon symbol over them with a special sound cue.

This can happen if an enemy drops to less than 5% of total health. Impact procs can increase the odds of a Mercy by 10% for each stack. Successful completion of a Mercy kill yields combat bonuses to the player using Parazon.

You only have a 10-second window to execute Mercy, and the Parazon sign will blind when you have 3 seconds remaining.

Parazon can’t perform normal Stealth kills, even if you have a Melee weapon equipped.

On the other way Parazon can be used to kill Gokstad Crewshop pilots (regardless of their health) instantly, hijacking their ships.

Parazon and Kuva Lich

You will need a Parazon with some Requiem mods equipped to convert or vanquish a Kuva Lich.

Parazon Kuva Lich Warframe
Parazon – Kuva Lich

You can get the mods from Requiem Void Fissure missions. Although the mods don’t offer any inherent combat bonus, they are essential for defeating Kuva Liches to break their Continuity.

Parazon Tips and Tricks

  • Mercy kills are eligible for Nightwave acts and other challenges because they are considered to be conventional in-game Finishers.
    • This also means Mercy kills can activate Finisher-criteria Arcanes like Arcane Trickery or Arcane Ultimatum.
    • Bear in mind however that a Mercy kill against Kuva Lich doesn’t count as a Finisher for one of those challenges.
  • You will be considered a lower threat than usual when doing a Mercy kill.
  • This means any Sentinel you have is going to be directly targeted, which might result in damage or total destruction.
  • Operators are unable to use the Parazon, so they won’t benefit from any Parazon Mods, especially ones which affect Hacking. They also can’t perform Mercy Finishers.

Interesting Parazon Facts

  • The Parazon can activate the Railjack’s Resource Forge.
  • It is named after ‘Parazonium’ which is a real ceremonial dagger used in the Roman Empire.
  • After Warframe Update 28.3 Warframes would spin Parazons while reviving. This was removed again in a Hotfix because of a glitch.
    • The use of Parazon in capturing hasn’t been implemented yet.
    • It was mentioned in Devstream 123 that Parazon was going to be used for capturing targets and reviving teammates.

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