How To Get Platinum? (Platinum Farming Guide)

Platinum is one of the ingame currencies in Warframe and the only one that can be bought with real money.

There are various methods to get the in-game currency which Warframe players will find handy. Selling prime parts, using syndicate points and the sale of corrupted mods are just some of the ways to get Platinum.

Although free to play games aren’t usually the best way for game developers to make money, Warframe is different.

It is very gamer-friendly and you don’t need to spend any money to play. You will have to play the game in order to get Platinum though.

If you like the game and have some money to spare, I highly recommend to support the developers and buy some Platinum for your hard earned money.

Pro tip: Wait until you get a 50% or 75% discount login bonus and use it to get even more Platinum. But of course not everyone wants to (or can) spend real money on a free-to-play game.

Luckily Digital Extreme gives us the option to trade Platinum ingame – so if you are in need of some Platinum, this guide will certainly help you to farm it.

8 Ways To Get Platinum in Warframe

None of these methods is especially fast, since they are all legitimate ways to earn currency. Let’s take a look at how you can get Platinum in Warframe:

METHOD #1: Sell Prime Parts

How To Get Platinum in Warframe - Sell Prime Parts
You can sell Prime Parts for Platinum

This can be a slow process but it’s also easy to do. Bear in mind though that everyone is using this method now which causes the prices to decrease.

The market is saturated and the prices are low, so this method is going to take quite a while.

Look out for price fluctuations and try to time your prime part sales to earn the most.

Also, you might like to break them down into parts instead of selling the entire set, depending on which of those options will yield the most money.

METHOD #2: Sell Corrupted Mods

How To Get Platinum in Warframe - Sell Corrupted Mods
Sell Corrupted Mods to get Platinum

Corrupted mods are always in demand but can be hard to get. This means you can earn Platinum by selling them.

Check the market prices to figure out what is selling well and try to go for that if you can.

Not all corrupted mods are worth getting and selling, but aim for a base level of 10 Platinum for each corrupted mod.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with which corrupted mods you can get hold of, then work out what they are selling for.

METHOD #3: Try the Syndicate Route

How To Get Platinum in Warframe - Syndicates
Earn Platinum via Syndicates

Playing Warframe will get you syndicate points which you can then spend on gear to resell.

All syndicates let their members purchase warframes, weapon parts, special weapons and augment mods.

One good tip is to purchase the mods and sell them instead of wasting points on weapons and so forth unless you want to buy it for your own use.

Take a look at the current prices to work out how to earn the most syndicate points.

METHOD #4: Aura Mods

You get aura mods from special alert missions. That means they aren’t as common as corrupted mods. They aren’t necessarily worth more though.

Some aura mods aren’t worth anything really so you won’t get much Platinum for them.

Have a look at the market though because sometimes aura mods are in demand. Never sell something cheaply just to get rid.

It can be a good idea to hang on to items for a while so their price increases and you can sell them when it does.

METHOD #5: Dual Stat Elemental Mods

These can be found on various spy missions along with other missions on level 40 and above, as rewards.

Some are more rare than other ones so do a bit of research before selling them.

You can make Platinum if you find dual stat elemental mods but you can’t really farm them like with syndicate point gear and prime parts.

METHOD #6: Ayatan Sculptures

These are pretty common so you aren’t going to make a lot of Platinum selling them, but it is easy to sell these. Ayatan sculptures are good for Endo. If you have enough of that, you can also sell them for Platinum.

These are so easy to find it is worth selling them, even though the market for them isn’t so big. If you have an abundance of Endo, then maybe sell some Ayatan sculptures.

METHOD #7: Nightmare Mods

You can get these from nightmare missions. This means you finished all the quests on a planet.

Of course, that means it takes a long time, so maybe Nightmare mods aren’t the best way to raise Platinum.

However, they do make a lot of money and if you end up with the right ones for selling, it’s a good use of your time.

METHOD #8: Veiled Riven Mods

The prices for veiled riven mods can be tricky to predict, since you will be selling these as soon as you get them.

They do sell fast though, so selling them is a nice way to make Platinum quickly. You can buy and roll these mods until they reach God Riven status.

Those sell for a lot of Platinum, although of course it does take some effort on your part.

In-Depth Platinum Farming Guide

There are three different school of thoughts in Warframe when it comes to Platinum farming.

It usually depends on your current situation, your future plans regarding how long you are going to stick to playing Warframe, and your ability to just wait.

Or to put it in a clear perspective:

  1. Short term: You do need the Platinum now – no, you needed it yesterday! – and you don’t really have time to wait for anything.
  2. Medium term: It doesn’t matter if you get the Platinum today, tomorrow or next week. The main point is that you need some Platinum in the future and it would be nice if you have some backup Platinum as well.
  3. Long term: You don’t really care about Platinum right now. But it will be nice to have some to buy stuff if you ever need it.

So unless you want to spend real money on your Warframe account, trading is the only possibility to get more Platinum.

And to be fair, you can get several thousands Platinum just from trading in a justifiable time frame, but you need to understand how the market works and what items are worth to farm.

Also make sure to bookmark, because it is by far the best (and totally free!) platform to buy and sell stuff.

If you want to try your luck at trade chat, feel free to sit there and wait for a good opportunity – but unless you know exactly what to look for, trade chat is a waste of your time.

Short Term Platinum Farming

If you want to get some Platinum to quickly buy weapon or Warframe slots, to get that one mod that just won’t drop for you or to buy the last Warframe part for that Primed Warframe you like this option is probably the best for you.

Short term means that you don’t want to wait and that you don’t really care that you could get more Platinum out of your sale if you waited a few days, weeks or month.

Here are some great tips to get small amounts of Platinum:

#1 Sell your Syndicate points

Since most people only level up one or two Syndicates, getting mods or weapons from other Syndicates is only possible through trading.

So if you have some points you currently don’t need, go ahead and invest them either in Syndicate weapons or mods.

Make sure to check current prices and (or trade chat) before you buy something no one wants.

#2 Farm corrupted mods

Doing vault runs is usually pretty frustrating and boring, but if you keep doing it you eventually get some good corrupted mods like Blind Rage or Overextended.

You can sell those mods pretty quickly for around 20 to 40 Platinum, depending on the time of day. Just make sure to get a 4-man-group with the help of recruitment chat.

#3 Sell prime parts

You got a rare prime part you don’t need? Then go ahead and sell it!

Primed parts from non-vaulted weapons and Warframes will sell for 10 to 60 Platinum, so radiant as many relics as you can and hope to get lucky!

#4 Veiled Riven Mods

If you do Sorties everyday and keep a lookout for riven mod alerts you will get some amount of riven mods.

If you don’t want to unveil them, you can just sell the veiled version – and get 15 to 60 Platinum for those.

Medium Term Platinum Farming

The idea behind this method is pretty similar to the short term version, but here you don’t pick the first and cheapest offer you can find.

Instead you pick a price somewhat above the cheapest offers from other traders and just wait until someone buys your item.

An example: If a lot of people sell Transient Fortitude for 30 to 40 Platinum, you simply put in for 60 Platinum or even more.

Sure, you probably have to wait a few days or weeks until someone wants to buy it, but you will make a bigger profit.

So here are some tips for your medium term planning:

#1 Syndicate Weapons

A lot of people want to maximize their Master Rank and therefor at one point need to trade for the Syndicate weapons of all the other Syndicates.

Farming 100.000 or 125.000 Syndicate points might take you a while (depending on how often you play and how high your Mastery Rank is), but you can easily sell those weapons for 50+ Platinum.

So if you can farm two weapons per week (one from each of your Syndicate) you’ll get more than 400 platinum per month just from Syndicate points!

#2 Sell Upgraded Mods

Especially primed mods like Primed Continuity or Primed Flow are super expensive to upgrade with credits and Endo.

If you use your (spare) resources to do so and sell those mods you can make a big profit – and invest the gained Platinum in new (primed) mods.

#3 Use Trade Chat

If you know what certain mods and parts are worth, you simply make bank by buying good stuff cheap and then sell it for a higher price.

Buy low, sell high” also works in Warframe and if you acquire enough knowledge you can easily make some Platinum just by watching trade chat.

Getting the needed knowledge might take some time though.

Long Term Platinum Farming

This school of thought is a mix of the other two, but takes the ideas behind it to the extreme and depends on you not caring about time.

If you don’t care if you get the Platinum for a certain item today, next week or in a few years you can make a lot of Platinum.

This is what a lot of long time player do and they have literally tenth of thousands of Platinum in their accounts, not using it for the most part.

It is also pretty easy to do a lot of the following points:

#1 Use Baro Ki’Teer

Every two weeks Baro brings new gifts for the Tenno. If you have enough credits and Ducates, go ahead and spent it all on prisma weapons and primed mods.

Buy five or ten or more and then lay back and wait. It usually takes month or years until Baro brings back those items.

And if you waited a few month, you can make a big profit and sell mods and weapons for 80+ Platinum each.

#2 Farm Soon-To-Be-Vaulted Warframes

Every primed Warframe will get vaulted at some point. So you can simply find out which one will be the next and go farm sets of this Warframe.

All you have to do now is wait again until the set reaches the price you want to sell it.

Wait half a year or longer and you can sell vaulted Warframe sets for a few hundred Platinum. Same is true for vaulted Weapons, but those tend to sell at a lower price.

#3 Riven mods

A good riven mod can bring you 1.000+ Platinum in just one sale.

Learning what to look for and grinding for a lot of Kuva will take some time – and then you need to get lucky to find one of those really good riven mods.

But it can be totally worth it.

#4 Look Out For Special Events

Every now and then Digital Extreme gives us special events with special loot and often times they are up for just a few days.

You can find rare weapon parts or mods like Maiming Strike and sell each of these for a few hundred Platinum.

Also twice a year two vaulted Warframes get unvaulted for a short period of time, as well as some vaulted weapons.

Farming an selling them will give you a big profit! Just make sure to wait a few weeks or month in order to reach a higher price.


In the end you should always think about your preferred time frame: Do you need Platinum now, soon or does it not matter at all when you get a payday?

The longer you can wait, the more Platinum you will get for your effort. Also make sure to always have some credit reserves, since a lot of trading will take some trade taxes in form of credits from you.

Hopefully these methods will help you to get Platinum for Warframe. Try them all to see which you prefer, although for the most Platinum you will want to implement all of these regularly.

If we missed a great insider tip on how to farm Platinum, feel free to contact us and let everyone profit from your idea!

Also if you have some Platinum and are unsure how and where to spend it, go and take a look at our Platinum for Beginners guide!

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  1. Make 5 solo-sortie-capable accounts, do the sortie 5 times a day for hela rivens, and farm kuva all day and by 8pm roll em and copy and paste all of your rivens in trade chat, be sure to know prices and overcharge everyone.

  2. As a lower MR, if you need platinum I recommend you look at your relics and trade chat, see what items are in high demand, and see if you have matching relics, try and get the high demand items and sell them.

  3. Can you kindly leave me a message telling me whether your organization offers physical platinum or right to it, or whether you are talking about game money when you refer to platinum?


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