Prime Vault open: Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime re-released

It is once again the time of the summer where Digital Extreme opens up the Prime Vault and releases (or re-releases) two vaulted Warframes and some weapons you can’t get in the game at the moment – unless you buy them for some amount of Platinum from other players. This time around you can start farming for Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime, both great Warframes with a unique set of abilities. But of course there is more: If you don’t want to farm for weapons and Warframes, you can simply buy one of the Prime Accessory Packs!

You can choose from up to five different packs, each giving you some amount of Platinum, Warframes, weapons and cosmetic items, with those cosmetics being unique for this sale. The five packs are called:

  • Brains and Brawn Dual Prime Pack
  • Nyx Prime Pack
  • Brute Prime Pack
  • Nyx Prime Accessory Pack
  • Rhino Prime Accessory Pack

If you want to know more about each individual pack and its bonuses, feel free to take a look at the official website.

The Prime Vault will open on July 24 for North and South America, on July 25 for Asia and Europe and on July 26 for Japan. It will stay opened until September 25. So if you want to farm for the old Warframes and weapons or buy some unique cosmetics, log-in right now and start playing!

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