Railjack Guide – Everything You Need to Know

First of all, what is a Railjack in Warframe? It’s a big Orokin-era interceptor spacecraft the Tenno uses. They are large in size and feature various defensive systems and weapons that let them face even big capital ships in direct, head-on combat.

In addition they have a Void engine propulsion system so they can travel independently rather than on the Solar Rail netword. The navigator and executive officer of Railjack is Cephalon Cy.

Although just one Tenno can control a Railjack, it’s better to have four Tenno or a full Squad for optimal performance.

Each of the Tenno or Squad can manage a different ship area, such as the battle stations, helm, repairs, security against intruders, and putting out any fires on the ship.

A player can take on any role as necessary to keep the Railjack fully optimized.

It isn’t possible for a Railjack to dock with an enemy vessed, but they do have Archwing Slingshot. This means Tenno can be shot at enemy ships, so they can breach the hull and get onboard.

Another option is that Tenno can use their Archwings to get into space and fight individually, and explore other areas in space.

Build a Railjack in the Rising Tide quest. This means you have to complete The Second Dream. A Clan Dojo’s Dry Dock is where Railjacks are researched, managed and customized. Players can only view their own Railjack.

The name Railjack is probably because these can perform long-distance interplanetary travel without the Solar Rail having to be used.

Build a Dry Dock

You will need one of these to start the Rising Tide quest and to build a Railjack and customize it. The Dry Dock needs much more physical space than other rooms.

Railjack Guide Warframe - Build Dry Dock
You need to build Dry Dock for Railjack

A Railjack is constructed during the Rising Tide quest, which requires completion of The Second Dream.

Railjacks are managed, researched, and customized in a Clan Dojo’s Dry Dock, and each player will only be able to see their own Railjack.

If you have existing rooms below or above the level, you might be blocking construction. This huge hangar needs sufficient space.

You will need several floors along with three elevators to match them. You will need four elevators if you want something under or over the dry dock.

Elevators aren’t required in order to build the Railjack.

Dry Dock Building Requirements (Updated)

Clan TierCreditsSalvageCircuitsTelluriumForma

How to Build a Railjack (Build Requirements)

Railjacks are personal builds. You only need clan participation for the Dry Dock and early Cephalon Cy research. This means that Clan multipliers don’t apply.

Items you need for Railjack component repairs can be added in stages, unlike when crafting things in the Foundry.

Every section repair needs six hours to finish in the Dry Dock. You can’t use platinum to speed the process up. For this reason you need a minimum of 36 hours to complete the Railjack build.

Once completed, you will see the Railjack floating over the Orbiter. There is a big transport tube connecting the two.

You can board your Railjack from the bottom deck of the Orbiter, found between the three rooms in the middle.

To build the Railjack, you need specific resources to construct each of these parts:

#1 Fuselage

To construct fuselage part for Railjack you need:

  • 25,000 Credits
  • 5 Cubic Diodes
  • 250 Plastids
  • 1,250 Rubedo
  • 3 Neural Sensors

#2 Propulsion Systems

Propulsion systems build requirements are:

  • 100,000 Credits
  • 20 Carbides
  • 1,000 Cryotic
  • 6,000 Nano Spores
  • 3 Orokin Cell

#3 Port Nacelle

Another Railjack part is Port Nacelle – here are build requirements:

  • 100,000 Credits
  • 20 Carbides
  • 1,500 Circuits
  • 9,000 Alloy Plate
  • 50 Control Module

#4 Starboard Nacelle

Starboard Nacelle build requirements:

  • 100,000 Credits
  • 30 Pustrels
  • 50 Fieldron Sample
  • 15 Morphics
  • 10 Neurodes

#5 Tail Section

Railjack Tail Section requires:

  • 100,000 Credits
  • 20 Copernics
  • 3,000 Ferrite
  • 1,500 Polymer Bundle
  • 5 Argon Crystal

#6 Engine Cowling

Last part that you need to build Railjack is Engine Cowling – here are build requirements:

  • 100,000 Credits
  • 10 Copernics
  • 50 Detonite Ampule
  • 3,500 Salvage
  • 3,000 Ferrite

Reliquary Key (Mini Quest)

You can board the Railjack as soon as it is built, but unless you have the Reliquary Drive, you won’t be able to take flight.

Cephalon Cy will inspect the drive and then direct the Tenno to look on Lua for a Void Key.

This is a basic snatch-n-grab to find and extract the key. Avoid Sentient and Corrupted enemies on the way.

The Tenno inserts the Void Key into the Reliquary Drive to make the Railjack operational. You can now use the Railjack’s navigation console to undertake Empyrean missions.


You will be rewarded with a standard Sigma Series Railjack for the Rising Tide Quest. However there are different Railjack Series created in the Old War by three houses:

House Lavan

This house specialized in shields and engines, and was focused on the delivery of great technology which didn’t cost too many resources.

Although their components were important in the Orokin fleet, they didn’t have the customization needed by elite units.

House Vidar

These were material specialists offer a competitive balance of cost and performance. Their armor components and hull will withstand extreme elements.

This makes specialized units loyal to the house.

House Zetki

These components were believe the best there was. They do need an incredibly large amount of energy and resources though.

This meant only the most important parts of the fleet were outfitted with this house’s technology.

More info: Each house made its own Avionics, Armaments and Components, so there are various items in different versions which have their own benefits, costs and stats.

You have to repair salvaged wreckage Armaments and Components in the Dry Dock before you can use them.

Scrap any unwanted items manually. They will convert into Dirac. Already-repaired scrapped wreckage return 80% of the resources the repair used.

Inventory Limits

Bear in mind the inventory limit is 30 for Wreckage Components as well as Armaments.

If you collect over 30, you won’t be able to join or host any Empyrean missions until you manually scrap them for Endo. There is no way to increase this wreckage inventory limit.

Build Components and also Armaments have a base capacity of 8 in their separate inventories.

You can buy two more 2 Armament and Component slots when the inventory is full. This costs 12 Platinum.

There are no inventory limits on Salvaged House Avionics. You can also scrap Avionics into Dirac.

More Railjack Tips and Tricks

  • You can join and complete Empyrean missions without Railjack. To do this, go to the Navigation screen and you will find a button on the upper right hand side.
  • To scrap excess component salvage without using a Railjack, join a specific mission over the cap (don’t use the Join Any Crew button).
  • Allocate Intrinsics in the Orbiter by going to the Escape Menu and selecting Railjack and then Intrinsics.
  • There is a Reliquary Drive near the rear part of the Railjack’s upper deck. It looks like a cryopod and has a ‘vacant’ label until you find the key on a quest. There is something in the Drive that looks like a wrapped finger or body. It’s obscured by the void energies until you can insert the key. Stand next to it and you will hear whispers and knocking.
  • Climb up and walk on the Railjack in the Dry Dock. This increases the walkable area on top of the Railjack.
  • You can stand on barges the Dry Dock workers use.
  • The Railjack has two separate propulsion methods: a pair of thrust engines are in the lateral nacelles and the Void Engine (which is faster than light) is axially mounted above the fuselage.
  • Since the Reliquary Drive contains what looks like a big finger, it probably uses a finger cut off Albrecht Entrati’s other self or a replica, to do a Void jump.
  • Cephalon Cy sometimes refers to ‘cogitators’ when boarding the Railjack. These are likely some part of the Railjack hardware, perhaps storage drives.

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