Redeemer Prime (Guide & Best Builds)

When you directly upgrade Redeemer in Warframe, you get Redeemer Prime, the Primed version. This weapon was released at the same time as Mesa Prime and Akjagara Prime.

The weapon mainly causes Slash damage. The components necessary to make this beauty are a Redeemer Prime Blade, a Redeemer Prime Blueprint, Redeemer Prime Handle, and 15 Orokin Cells.

Redeemer Prime Advantages

  • Second best high base damage out of all gunblades, only second to Stropha. High Slash damage which is effective against health.
  • Second highest (to Stropha) critical multiplier and critical change of all blades.
  • Best status chance of all blades. Synergizes with Healing Return (first shot allows healing and each of 10 pellets will heal a different health instance). Synergizes with Condition Overload, as each pellet has the chance to get a status effect.
  • Gunblade shot work like a shotgun and fire 10 pellets at a time. They have innate Blast damage, effective against Fossilized and Machinery, and a chance to knock down or stagger enemies. Ragdoll an enemy by firing within 4 meters of them. You don’t need ammo for shots and they have innate punch-through.
  • Innate two Madurai Pol polarities.

Redeemer Prime Disadvantages

  • Low impact Puncture and Impact damage. Not so effective against armor and shields.
  • Gunblade shots give innate Blast damage which isn’t so effective against Infested Sinew or Ferrite Armor.
    • You can’t increase Gunblade shot damage with Impact, Slash or Puncture mods. Linear damage falloff goes from 100% to 6.25% from 10 to 30 meter target distance.
    • Distances are affected by Projective Speed or via Jet Stream for melee weapons.
  • This character is alarming.

Redeemer Prime vs. Redeemer (Comparison)

Redeemer Prime compared to classic Redeemer has:

  • Higher critical chance (24% compared to 10%)
  • Higher Mastery Rank required (10 compared to 4)
  • Higher critical multiplier (2.2x compared to 1.8x)
  • Higher status chance (30% compared to 22%)
  • Higher Puncture damage (42.4 compared to 36)
  • Higher base damage (212 compared to 180)
  • Higher Slash damage (148.4 compared to 126)
  • Higher Impact damage (21.2 compared to 18.0)
  • Higher attack speed (0.92 compared to 0.83)
  • Different polarities (Madurai Pol compared to 0)
  • Lower disposition (0.65 compared to 1)

How To Get Redeemer Prime (Required Resources)

The main and component blueprints you will need to get Redeemer Prime can be found in the following vaulted Void Relics:

Blades (common)Blueprints (uncommon)Handles (rare)
Neo T3Axi G2Axi R2
Neo G2Lith B6Axi R3
Neo S12Neo C1Neo R3
Neo N10Neo Z4Neo R4
Neo P1Meso B4
Meso Z2
Lith L2
Lith M5

Tips and Tricks For Redeemer Prime

  • The Melee combo counter goes up by 5 for every enemy the shotgun blast hits. It doesn’t matter how many pellets touch the target. Hitting multiple targets with punch-through or shotgun spread increases the counter by 5 times however many enemies are hit.
    • True Punishment works well with this to double the combo counter from each hit. Also, hitting an enemy using the blade part of the weapon can increase the combo.
    • The heavy damage multiplier remains maxed out at 12.
  • A shot at ‘point blank’ range means the 4 meter ragdoll effect usually moves the target out of the way.
  • Heavy attack shots outside the 4 meter range will always impact.
  • If you use a negative range melee, Riven Mod affects the melee range plus the redeemer shots. The 4 meter ragdoll rule doesn’t change.
  • If you use a Riven Mod with Slash or a similar negative physical damage modifier, it won’t affect shotgun blast-caused damage.
  • There are both silenced and unsilenced variants on enemy finishers. This depends on the type of enemy as well as the position the finisher was in. With humanoid enemies, stealth finishers who approach from the rear result in a silent blade slash. Finishers coming from the front discharge the shotgun blast, alerting nearby enemies. Finishers on enemies who have been knocked down discharge the weapon a similar way. If you want stealth always opt for rear finishers.
  • Shots alarm enemies but will not break Ivara’s Prowl.

Best Redeemer Prime Builds

The build is still function in Update 26.1.3 but this could change later on. In order to make the weapon work flawlessly, you will need to have these mods:

  • Since the weapon has a high riven disposition you must have a riven.
  • Sacrificial steel for critical chance.
  • 60% Elemental Damage in Status mods.
  • Heavy attack winds up the speed mods.

Note: You could replace the Riven shown in this build with Gladiator Vice or a damage mod to increase your Attack Speed.

#1 Build Without Condition Overload

Redeemer Prime Build - Without Condition Overload
Redeemer Prime Build – Without Condition Overload

This build is good for Disruption missions. There is no Condition Overload, meaning you can replace it for a 90% Elemental Damage mod.

This isn’t necessary though. You could replace the Amalgam Organ Shatter with Primed Fury to get a faster attack speed and therefore higher DPS.

#2 Build With Condition Overload

Redeemer Prime Build - With Condition Overload
Redeemer Prime Build – With Condition Overload

You can replace the Killing Bow with Prime Fury for a faster attack speed which results in less damage during heavy attack.

This is a stronger build if using combo attacks or normal ones. You can combine this build with a secondary.

Make sure the secondary has a high status with IPS damage, so it boosts the strength of the build substantially.

#3 Redeemer Prime Tridolon Build

Redeemer Prime - Tridolon Build
Redeemer Prime – Tridolon Build

This build gives you heavy attack potential on Eidolon’s Limbs and normal attack on Eidolon when down to stack up the combo with Volt’s electrical shield until the Eidolon recovers fully.

You can use the heavy attack to kill the Eidolon when he is vulnerable a second time.

Redeemer Prime Bugs

The Heavy Attack damage is wrongly shown as 1,060 instead of 3,200. The Heavy Attack damage is a five-times multiplier of the Redeemer Prime’s base damage.

It’s only supposed to be a four-times multiplier. These might be fixed by the time you are reading this guide however.

In Conclusion

Redeemer Prime is worth getting because it can deliver a lot of damage in attacks and can be applied to various builds.

However, bear in mind Redeemer Prime doesn’t work well on Arctic Eximus, has a slow attack speed and only performs well with a Status Chance for guaranteed status proc.

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