Resource Farming Guide

Resource Farming is an essential part of Warframe and grinding all kinds of missions to build more weapons, equipment, helmets or Warframes is why a lot of people even play this game.

But finding enough resources to build all these things – especially if rare materials are needed – can quickly become a hassle.

Stuff like Orokin Cell, Argon Crystal or even Oxium will be needed a lot during the game and you eventually have to farm for those resources.

Sure, you can just go into some missions and repeat them over and over and over and over until you have all you need. But being as efficient as possible is a big part of the game and will allow you to progress faster.

That’s why this guide will try to help you to understand how to get a good premade group, what Warframes to choose and what missions to pick.

Best Farming Missions in Warframe

If you are in the planet overview in your navigation console you can click on each planet and hover over the “deploy extractor” ability to get a good look at the resources dropped by each planet.

An easier solution is using the wiki, which will give you a good summary of all the planets that will drop the resource of your choice. It doesn’t really matter what planet you pick for each resource, as long as you pick a good mission.

Generally speaking, survival yields the best density of enemies (especially with a 4-man-group), making it the place to go.

But defense is also an okay place to go to if you simply don’t want to do survival missions all the time. Excavation is not recommended, because you really want to concentrate on killing mobs and not on running around and defending the excavators.

If you want to go for a solo run and need to farm rare resources (Orokin cells, neural sensors, gallium, etc.) you can also go for any capture or Exterminate mission and look around the map for special caches that will drop one or two of those rare resource types.

Quickly finish the mission and restart again to get a good amount of stuff in a short time.

But there is always a chance that you won’t find any of those rare resource caches and have to leave empty handed.

Going for a four Warframe premade group is the best way to ensure getting what you need.

Best Warframes for Farming

There are two main setups right now that both have their advantages and depending on your play style and your preferences you can pick either one.

The first one consists of a Speed Nova, a Pilfering Hydroid, an EV Trinity and a Nekros.

Every Warframe has one simple task in this setup:

Speed Nova

All you have to do is casting your Molecular Prime every time it is off cooldown, speeding up every enemy in range.

This will make sure all mobs will get to your group as fast as possible, which in return gives you the ability to kill them faster.

It will lead to more mobs spawning and more resources dropped.

Pilfering Hydroid

You will just spam your ultimate ability and make sure that you keep it up all the time.

Every time an enemy is killed while being affected by your Tentacle Swarm you get another drop, giving you a lot more resources than normal.

Keep in mind to equip Pilfering Swarm to get this bonus!

EV Trinity

Your job is simple – spam your second ability and make sure to press 4 every time someone is low on health.

You don’t really have to do more, but equipping a good weapon for the time you’re not spamming your abilities is a good choice.


You are in this group because of your Desecrate ability. Keep it always running and talk to your Trinity if you get low on energy.

Feel free to use your ultimate ability if you need to block some damage.

More info: Those four Warframes together will give you the most effective farming group for resources, because you get way more drops (thanks to Nekros and Hydroid) while being super fast (thanks to Nova).

Trinity will make sure you are always healthy and won’t get energy problems.

Other Warframes

The second farming setup is pretty close to the first one, but instead of a Hydroid your group will pick a dedicated DPS.

Often times groups use Octavia or Mesa, but as long as you can quickly destroy everything in your way, use whatever you like.

Mesa is pretty strong if you don’t go for a survival mission but for defense, while Octavia can be pretty useful in survival.

Best Farming Spot on the Map

If you are doing defense missions, picking the right spot is pretty easy (hint: it’s at the defense target).

But to be as efficient as possible in a survival mission you should try to find a spot with a choke point.

A room with only one door is perfect and will give you cover while you kill every incoming enemy.

It’s okay to try out different spots and sometimes picking a big hall can also be a good way to farm some resources Just make sure you can get some cover, since the mission will get harder over time and speeding the enemies up will make them shoot faster.

If you notice that there aren’t enough enemies spawning, feel free to switch positions or just restart the map.

This way you’ll quickly get a lot of resources and you can keep on building these new weapons and Warframes!

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