Rubico Prime Builds Guide

One of the best snipers and the game is also one of the most played weapons in the game: The Rubicon Prime features a high critical chance with an okay status chance, some punch through and high impact damage.

While it does have a linear damage falloff, you still want to bring this weapon to any open world mission, to most boss fights or just as a combination of a ‘shotgun’ and a long distance rifle.

As any primed weapon you can simply gather all the parts needed to craft the Rubico Prime by opening the relics and hoping for some drop luck while doing so.

A lot of Tennos use the Rubico Prime to bring a lot of damage to the Eidolon hunt, but you can play the sniper rifle in a lot of different missions and even use it as a main weapon everywhere.

Just make sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages and you’ll be able to kill enemies in every mission.

If you are looking for some advice on how to mod your Rubico Prime, you came to the right website!


  • Very high critical chance
  • High Impact damage
  • Very good critical damage multiplier
  • Very fast fire rate
  • Good status chance
  • Highly accurate
  • Low shot combo requirements


  • Low Slash and Puncture damage
  • Small(ish) magazine size
  • Hip fire highly inaccurate
  • Short shot combo reset timer

The Best Rubico Prime Builds

An important information about sniper weapons is about the Shot Combo Counter, which basically increases your damage output every time you successfully hit your target.

The Rubico Prime has very low shot combo requirements and already starts with a 1,5x damage multiplier after one shot and can go up to a 5x damage multiplier after 2.187 successful hits in a row.

While this is pretty strong, the Rubico Prime also features a very short reset timer (two seconds) for that, which basically means that after two seconds of not hitting a target, you lose one whole combo counter bonus tier.

Since the basic reload is at exactly two seconds, you will have trouble getting a high combo counter without the helps of a mod like Harkonar Scope or a shorter reload time.

That said, you don’t really need to build around your Shot Combo Counter to get a high damage output, so you can usually ignore it completely.

If you really want to improve your build in that direction, you should simply use the Primed Fast Hands mod (or the normal version).

Tip: If you want to know more about the Rubico Prime and its abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page.

The Standard Rubico Prime Build

The Standard Rubico Prime Build
The Standard Rubico Prime Build

This build features a very high critical chance (over 100%), a good critical multiplier and also an okay status chance. You really want to bring in two elemental damage mods over the +60% status chance elemental mods to increase your damage even further.

The biggest surprise might be not using Heavy Caliber, but especially if you plan on using the sniper on farther away targets, you’re going to regret bringing negative accuracy.

You can always try it out for yourself (switch out Critical Delay or Vigilante Armaments), but missing shots and reducing your combo counter feels very bad and sad.

As always, you can use whatever elemental damage combination you like and if you do own a maxed out Primed Cryo Rounds you might want to think about bringing it in – just to get a little bit more damage.

The Impact Munitions Build

Rubico Prime - Impact Munitions Build
Rubico Prime – Impact Munitions Build

This idea is pretty close to the standard version and also features a very high critical chance with a high critical damage multiplier.

But instead of using two elemental mods this build rather picks Crash Course to increase the already high Impact damage of your Rubico Prime.

The build also uses Hunter Munitions to deal slash damage with every shot (because you do have more than 100% critical chance, so every shot is a critical hit).

While it isn’t super useful against most boss enemies and assassination targets, you will be able to kill high level enemies without any trouble.

Again, Heavy Caliber isn’t really worth it, because missing your shots every now and then is just terrible on a sniper rifle with a small magazine. Instead, you might even think about Bladed Rounds if you plan to bring your weapon against groups of enemies.


The Rubico Prime sniper rifle isn’t just a good weapon – it is one of the best weapons in the game.

Doesn’t really matter if you plan on fighting assassination targets, Sortie level enemies or just lower level mobs, this weapon will kill everything.

If you really want you might also be able to find a dedicated shot combo build, but this isn’t really where the strength’s of the Rubico Prime lie.

Instead, build around the high critical damage and chance and you will be able to shoot down everything and everyone.

If you think we missed some interesting or important information or if you simply want to share your own build, feel free to leave us a comment!

5 thoughts on “Rubico Prime Builds Guide”

    • I use the ‘standard’ build for Eidolon hunting. Just switch from Corrosive damage over to Radiation damage (and maybe use +60% status chance mods instead of the elemental mods) and you should be good to go!

    • I wouldn’t know why people would actually pick this weapon over something like the Catchmoon. You could use the standard build and mod it for magnetic damage against the high shields you’re going to encounter.


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