Saryn Prime Builds Guide

After her release in 2013, Saryn quickly became one of the most loved damage dealer in the game. Even though she spreads a lot of toxicity around, her unique skill set makes sure that everyone enjoys playing her or with her.

She deals a great amount of damage, can kill entire rooms full of high level enemies and is able to sustain herself while doing so – as long as you choose the right build.

She seems to be easy to build, but if you want to compete with her in higher level missions (ESO, Sorties, endurance runs, etc.), you probably need to think about your priorities and the best way to find the compromise you need.

This guide will help you in your quest and gives you a few build ideas. Feel free to adjust them to your own needs!


  • Very good damage output
  • Super easy to play
  • Useful in lots of different missions
  • Used in endgame meta groups
  • High health pool
  • Above average armor


  • Hard to farm Warframe parts
  • Needs a well-balanced build

The Best Saryn Prime Builds

Since you probably want to use Saryn in different kind of settings, going for the Naramon polarity on your aura slot is the best option.

Corrosive Projection will help you killing groups of enemies faster and is an essential aura in late game missions. Picking Energy Siphon on lower level missions is also an valid idea and will make sure that you always have enough energy to cast your first Spores ability.

Building around other abilities is most likely not what you want to do unless you are looking for a super casual build that you’d like to try just for fun.

Also, don’t forget about Saryn’s Potency ability: Every status effect you use with either your abilities or with your weapons has a 25% increased duration.

Tip: If you want to know more about Saryn and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Saryn Prime Spores Build

Saryn Prime Spores Build

This build is pretty much what you want to pick if you are planing on doing some lower level missions.

You simply stack a lot of ability strength to deal as much damage as possible and combine it with a great amount of range. The latter will help you to spread your spores around the whole map and therefor increase your clear speed by a lot.

Fleeting Expertise will make sure that you always have enough energy to cast your first ability if needed and Vitality is the preferred survival mod since you benefit from it the most – thanks to your increased health pool!

This build is super useful for void fissure missions or normal mission types up to a level of 60. If you plan to do missions with higher level enemies, you should probably switch to one of the other Spores builds.

Saryn Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Build

Saryn Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Build

Farming Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) is one of the main reasons why Saryn is one of the most used DPS Warframes in the current meta.

She can quickly clear the entire map and protect herself while doing so. This build is aimed at high level missions with a random group (or even solo play) and combines a good amount of strength and range with a lot of survivability.

Especially the combination of Vitality and Regenerative Molt is a big reason why Saryn is so popular at the moment. Regenerative Molt is used to make sure that you always have enough energy for your abilities and Quick Thinking gives you another shot at surviving lethal attacks.

Some player prefer this build over everything else and use it even in lower level missions. It still has a very good clearing speed and will help you in longer runs or even in premade groups that don’t use a Trinity.

Saryn Prime Premade Group Build

Saryn Prime Premade Group Build

If you ever have the luxury of finding a premade group with a dedicated goal (ESO, farming relics, farming resources, etc.), picking this build will give you even better damage and clearing speed.

You still going to benefit from the combination of Vitality and Regenerative Molt, but you don’t really need any mod that helps with efficiency or boosts your energy pool in any way since your group should always have an EV Trinity.

Other than that this build is very easy to understand: You just press 1 to inflict your spores and use your 2 if you ever need to avoid getting hit by enemies. Regenerative Molt will also allow you to give your Trinity team mate more time to react and heal you up if needed.


There are two main reasons why Saryn is super popular:

  • She is very easy to understand and play, which makes her a good Warframe for beginners as well as for veterans.
  • Secondly she has a really good clearing speed, which is why she is often picked in endless missions.

She’ll quickly kill entire maps full of enemies and will help you to survive even high level missions. So go ahead, give her a try and use one of our builds. Or invent your own build and have fun playing her!

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