Saryn Fashionframe – Bird of Paradise

Even though Saryn is more of a toxic character (haha, get it? No? Okay.), you don’t necessarily have to build your cosmetics and appearance around that theme. Instead you could choose to use something more colorful, something more lite. The color combination shown in this Fashionframe guide tries to transform the great Saryn into a Bird of Paradise by using bright colors and some great accessories.

We are using some fairly unique colors here, but honestly you can probably achieve the same look with more standard colors. So you don’t necessarily have to invest into the rare color palettes and instead use whatever you have and like.

How to Create This Fashionframe

Let’s start with the helmet and skin, because they are a key component to this look: The Saryn Hemlock Helmet and the Saryn Orphid Skin are a great addition to any Saryn Fashionframe. But you could also use the Saryn Orphid Helmet or even the Saryn Prime Helmet instead. We also recommend using the Saryn Noble Animation Set, because it really fits the tone of the ‘Birds of Paradise’ idea.

Attachment-wise we are using the Harmony Ribbon on the chest and the Protosomid Shoulder Guard for the left arm. We don’t use anything on the right arm, because we do want to focus on the flower on that shoulder, which comes with the Saryn Orphid Skin. You also get a somewhat asymmetrical look that way. You don’t really need to pick anything for your legs, but we really like the Iliac Ankle Plate, which wiggles on its own and simply adds a nice touch to the whole outfit. As for the Ephemera, we’re going with the Fae Path Ephemera, simply because it’s not as optical invasive as the Spore Ephemera or the Smoking Body Ephemera would be.

All the attachments follow the color scheme of the main skin. Here is what we’re using:

Primary BRIGHT PINK (Infested palette, sixth row, last color)
Secondary LIGHT BLUE (Easter palette, sixth row, first color)
Tertiary NEON GREEN (Infested palette, fifth row, third color)
Accents YELLOW (Orokin palette, eighth row, first color)
Energy DARK BLUE (Infested palette, 13th row, first color)

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