Solaris United Standing Guide

If you are looking at the current content of Fortuna, you’ll probably will know who or what Solaris United is.

If you are new or just haven’t gotten around starting to play on Fortuna: This is the main Syndicate and a rebel group fighting against the authorities and the establishment.

And you are working with them. You’re going to do bounty missions, track down animals, mine ore and you can even free the citizens of Fortuna from their debt.

There is a lot to do and almost everything you can do will either reward or need standing with Solaris United.

Especially if you are planning on getting Baruuk and standing with another fraction, the Vox Solaris, because you’ll need the ‘Old Mate’ rank to do that.

You also need standing to craft MOAs, new weapons and gain access to a lot of other stuff.

There are different possibilities to gain that standing and since you’re going to need a lot of it, this guide will help you with everything you need to know!

Solaris United Standing Guide (Ranking Up)

First of all you do need to know that there is a limited amount of standing you can gain every day – and it’s the same amount you can gain with every other Syndicate.

The amount you can gain every day depends on your current Master Rank, so ranking it up will be very beneficial in the long run.

All you need to do to calculate your maximum amount of standing is using this formula:

  • Mastery Rank x 1.000 + 1.000 => Your current daily standing cap

So if you are currently MR 9, you do get 10.000 standing points per day, while MR 22 will give you 23.000 points per day – easy to understand, right?

If you aren’t sure how much standing you have left for a certain syndicate, just open up your profile and use the tab ‘Syndicates’ to see every daily standing.

You can see all your Syndicate standings in your profile.

There is no way to increase your daily standing beyond that point and if you reached your daily standing cap, there is no reason to farm more – unless you are farming for other reasons.

The key to a high standing and rising through the ranks is to use your daily standing every day.

To reach the highest rank of ‘Old Mate’ you do need to get at least 240.000 standing points, so divide that with your daily cap and you know how many days you should expect at least. You also will need the following ‘sacrifices’ to rise through the ranks:

  • 385.000 credits
  • 42 Shelter Debt-Bond
  • 35 Training Debt-Bonds
  • 35 Medical Debt-Bonds
  • 22 Advances Debt-Bonds
  • 10 Familiar Debt-Bonds

The Debt-Bonds can either be gathered by doing bounty missions (and getting them as a reward) or by simply going to Ticker, who gives you the ability to free the people of Fortuna from their debt in exchange for different resources and credits.

His supply changes with time, so try to look through his offers at least once a day and keep buying debt-bonds if you can. You might need them for other stuff as well.

Running bounties will give you a good amount of standing points.

Best Places To Farm Solaris United Standing

Let’s get to the point: Not everyone has the time or the desire to play multiple hours of Warframe every day.

So capping your daily standings can be very hard and frustrating, especially if you want to reach the higher rank content.

There are however different possibilities that don’t need too much of your daily time, while others require you to actively play the game.

Here are all options to gain daily standing with the Solaris United Syndicate:

Bounty missions

This is the most common way of gaining standing points. Simply head over to Eudico on Fortuna, pick one of the bounty missions and use the elevator up to Orb Vallis.

Follow the tasks, finish them (with the bonus part if possible) and get back to either Eudico or use the bounty agent near the entrance to the elevator to get another bounty mission.

Bounty missions refresh every 150 minutes, so you might have to wait a bit – or use one of the other options to finish your daily standing cap.

Field bounties

There is another way to find bounty missions on Orb Vallis. On some locations (while not doing a bounty mission) you will find another agent, hiding from enemies in fear.

Once you defeated some enemies on that location, one of them will drop an energy supply, which needs to be put into a console.

Defend that console until the timer is finished and you ‘freed’ that location. In return the agent will give you three new bounty missions, each giving around 3.000 standing.

Trade debt-bonds

We already talked about Ticker and his debt-bonds. But they have more advantages and can also be traded for daily standing.

Simply buy them from Ticker and immediately trade them for standing – or keep them for another day.

This is super effective and simple and especially if you accumulated a lot of debt-bonds, all you have to do is log-in and trade as many debt-bonds as you need.

That way you’re able to reach your daily standing goal in two or three minutes.


Works the same way as Eudico’s bounties, but is provided by the Vox Solaris Syndicate.

You do need to get the final rank of ‘Old Mate’ with Solaris United first, before you can accept these mission types.

They do provide a bit of Solaris United standing, so keep that in mind.

Trade Mined Ore

You do need a lot of ore to craft weapons and the Warframe parts of GARUDA.

But if you have gathered more than you need, you can trade some of those ore with Smokefinger on Fortuna and gain extra standing as well.

You can simply invest a bit of time, gather as much ore as you can and trade those in the next few days to reach your daily standing goal.

Trade fish for Standing

The same logic we used to gain standing for ore is also applied here. You can use fishing to find a lot of fish and trade those for standing with The Business.

Rare fish will give more standing, so using some of your already gained standing and purchase bait might be a good idea.

Trade in your Equipment

This one isn’t a viable grinding option to reach your daily standing cap, but should still be mentioned. You can use your daily standing to craft (and gild) MOAs or Kitguns.

If you don’t want to use them anymore you can go back to Rude Zuud or Legs and trade in your equipment for a bit of standing.

That way you get back at least some amount of your used standing.

More info: So while running bounty missions are a good way to get your daily standing, using one of the other options can be very beneficial, especially if you don’t have the time to grind every day.

You could simply get a lot of ore, fish or debt-bonds on one or two days and use those for the rest of the week to reach the daily cap in a few minutes.


Getting enough standing to reach the highest rank or to buy all the stuff you want (MOA-parts, Kitguns, Arcanes, cosmetics, etc.) is pretty tough and grindy.

Yes, that’s exactly what Warframe provides, but especially if you don’t have a lot of daily time you feel like falling behind pretty quickly.

If you use the knowledge and ideas of this guide, you might be able to still get to your daily cap every day, so feel free to follow our tips.

And don’t forget to have fun while doing so!

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  1. This guide doesn’t mention IMO the best way to farm Fortuna standing: Hunting animals for Business.

    Each rank gets you access to a new animal that will give increasingly large amounts of standing per capture. With a little practice you can get really fast at this.


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