Exploiter Orb Fight Guide

The Exploiter Orb is the second big boss on Orb Vallis and together with its ‘Big Brother’, the Profit-Taker Orb, it presents brand new challenges to the players, multi-phased fights and unique … Read more

Thermia Fractures Guide

One of the prerequisites to craft yourself a Hildryn is fighting the Exploiter Orb, because this monster of a Corpus weapon will drop all the Chassis, Neuroptics and System blueprints you need. … Read more

Vox Solaris Standing Guide

The Vox Solaris is one of the newer syndicates in the game and was fully introduced into Fortuna with the 24.2.9 Update. It’s known members include Eudico, The Business and Little Duck, … Read more

Solaris United Standing Guide

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Vox Solaris Quest Guide

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Fortuna Rare Resource Farming Guide

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