Cyanex Builds Guide

The Cyanex does have a very special place in Warframe history: Not only does the secondary weapon come with innate gas damage, but it also has a second fire mode that will rapidly fire all the bullets in your magazine with increased … Read more

Fulmin Builds Guide

The Fulmin was released as Wisp’s signature rifle and not only comes with innate electricity damage, but is also able to work as a shotgun as well as a long range rifle. If you use the Fulmin on your Wisp Warframe, the … Read more

How to get Wisp

The 40th Warframe of the game is called ‘Wisp’ and was released with Update 25, which not only brought a new Warframe, but also some great weapons, a new assassination target, a new game mode and also a rework of Jupiter. While … Read more