Vulklok Builds Guide

While the Vulklok is originally the sentinel weapon of the Diriga, it is usually used with almost every other sentinel. Not only does it feature the highest base damage of all sentinel … Read more

Stradavar Prime Builds Guide

The Stradavar Prime is the newest addition to our arsenal and came with the Equinox Prime introduction to the game. The weapon is a strict upgrade from it’s normal version and will … Read more

Boltor Prime Builds Guide

While you can get the normal version of the Boltor pretty early on, getting the Boltor Prime is a bit harder. You do have to farm all the required relics first and … Read more

Dera Vandal Builds Guide

The Dera assault rifle is already a good primary weapon, known for its fast fire rate and high accuracy without any recoil. The Dera Vandal is based on all that, but also … Read more

Soma Prime Builds Guide

With the Soma Prime, Warframe had one of it’s first golden primed weapons. The typical look came with Soma Prime’s release in 2014 and quickly became well known and standard for other … Read more

Amprex Builds Guide

The Amprex is one of the better weapons in the game and very easy to get: All you have to do is join a clan with the research done (or build up … Read more