Burst Laser Build Guide

Since the sentinel Shade is the only one with a Prisma version, the Burst Laser is the only sentinel weapon with a Prisma version as well – making the Prisma Burst Laser … Read more

Stinger Build Guide

The Stinger is the signature weapon of the Djinn sentinel and brings a unique appeal to the game: It does fire darts at an enemy and deals innate toxin damage, which feels … Read more

Vulklok Builds Guide

While the Vulklok is originally the sentinel weapon of the Diriga, it is usually used with almost every other sentinel. Not only does it feature the highest base damage of all sentinel … Read more

Sweeper Build Guide

The Sweeper is the Carrier’s sentinel weapon and will automatically be added to your inventory once you’ve successfully build or bought the companion. It is basically a short range shotgun, which is … Read more