Boar Prime Builds Guide

The Boar Prime is one of the oldest primed weapons in the game and features a very good status chance, which allows a 100% status chance and therefor is great against a … Read more

Komorex Builds Guide

With the introduction of Amalgam units and mods in the game it was not really a question ‘if’ an amalgam weapon would be integrated into Warframe, but ‘when’ and ‘how’. Well, the … Read more

Euphona Prime Builds Guide

As the designated signature weapon of the primed Banshee Warframe, Euophona Prime brings a lot of damage as a sidearm as well as two different fire modes. As the first standalone primed … Read more

Ignis Wraith Builds Guide

The Wraith version of the Ignis features not only a bigger magazine size, but also offers a higher critical damage as well as a better status chance. Combining those stats with the … Read more