TennoGen Round 17: Submit your ideas now

You are a designer and/or artist and you always wanted your work to be a part of the Warframe game? Then you still have two more days to submit your idea for a TennoGen consideration and apply until the August 26th, 2:oo pm ET! Digital Extremes will accept your ideas until the deadline and then start looking at all entries. If you want to know more about the deadline, the guidelines and more then hop over to the official TennoGen Round 17 forum post and check out the thread!

If you never heard about TennoGen before, you are lucky, because we are here to help! Warframe TennoGen is a Steam program that will allow you to upload your skin ideas (for Warframes, helmets and weapons) to the Steam Workshop and let the community vote on your cosmetic ideas. Some of these ideas will be picked up by the developers and then get included into the game, from where the community can buy them (for real money, not for Platinum). The creators will get a percentage of the sales and also the chance for their work to be included into the game.

If you want to see all the previous TennoGen cosmetics that made it into the game, use the market ingame and just search for ‘TennoGen‘. It’s a great way to get some really cool skins and help out artists and developers by buying their work!

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