The Lua Music Puzzle

When you’re running around through the Lua missions looking for the Hall of Ascension Tests, you might find another puzzle that isn’t included in ‘The Seven Principles’, but is nonetheless an important part if you’re farming your way through the Warframe story.

If you do want to craft yourself an Octavia, you do need to solve this puzzle in order to get yourself a Chassis blueprint.

Finding the puzzle is purely random, but if you do get lucky you’re going to recognize the Music Puzzle Room immediately – if not by it’s looks then by the distinctive sound it is emitting.

So keep your eyes and ears open and your in-game volume up if your especially looking for this room.

Solving the Puzzle

To solve this test, you need to get yourself in a good position: Make sure you can see all eight pads (two on the same platform, three down on the right, three down on the left) before you activate the console.

Once you activated the console, one of the currently golden glowing pads will glow in a blue-purple color for a brief moment, before it glows golden again and another pad will change its colors.

Five different pads will be highlighted that way and you need to memorize the sequence.

Now simply jump to the first pad of the sequence, then to the second one and so on. Make sure not to step on the wrong pad or you have to go back and restart the puzzle.

To be honest, this test shouldn’t be a challenge at all and memorizing a sequence of five pads won’t be a problem.

Since you don’t need to shoot, kill, do high jumps or proof anything other than your ability to memorize a short sequence, you don’t need a special Warframe or weapon to solve this. Just bring whatever you like!

Start the puzzle by activating the console and remember the sequence.
Once you’re finished, jump up there and get your reward.
Don’t forget to get your second reward!

Lua Music Puzzle Rewards

Once you’re finished with the test, the glowing sound the puzzle emitted will be gone and you can get your rewards.

So jump up onto the higher ground and open the container there, which will contain the Octavia Chassis Blueprint.

There is also a second reward in room on the down-left of the console you used in the test.

You’ll find some blue ghost-like creatures in there as well as a rare container which might give you a fully crafted Forma if you’re lucky.

If not, you simply get some resources and can move on with your current mission.


The hardest part of solving this puzzle and getting yourself a Octavia Chassis Blueprint is getting lucky while running missions on Lua.

Once you’ve found the room, solving the challenge won’t be a problem and even if you fail you can always just restart the test and get a new sequence.

Don’t forget to not only climb up and get the blueprint, but also to find the ‘blue ghost room’ and crack open the rare container. Other than that – good luck with your Octavia farm!

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