Venus Junction (How To Beat it)

Junctions are nodes on every planet that will allow you to not only unlock new planets, but also gives you a general direction on what to do next.

They also usually come with some amount of rewards, often in form of blueprints for weapons and Warframes. The first junction you need to finish is the Venus junction on Earth and it is a pretty easy one to solve.

Especially since you’re going to already have solved half of your quest goals by simply doing the first Quest, called ‘Vor’s Prize’.

Also don’t forget to keep grinding through the other Earth notes. Yes, it is enticing to simply move on to the next planet (Venus), but doing as many Earth notes as possible will not only give you better mods, but also extra affinity and experience.

While doing the next plant (Venus) should be very easy to do, getting a few more levels and especially non-flawed mods will benefit you.

If you rather move on with Venus (and maybe try out Fortuna), go ahead and do so.

The same is true for Plains of Eidolons and Cetus on Earth, but at the early stages of the game it is not recommended to spend too much time there, because you simply won’t be able to get into most of the content.

Solving Venus Junction Pre-Quests

Before you can join the junction and finish off the first junction boss you do need to solve all four preconditions.

Those should be pretty easy and if you simply go through the first quest you will be able to finish all four of them.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Complete Quest: Vor’s Prize
  • Collect 20 MODS
  • Apply 4 MODS to a single Warframe or Weapon
  • Upgrade any MOD to RANK 2 or higher through the fusion process

You should be able to finish the first two by simply doing the quest. If you still don’t have 20 mods, join an Earth mission and look out for enemies, lockers or chests.

They will drop some mods, so there shouldn’t be a problem at all. Also applying four mods to a single weapon or Warframe is pretty easy at that point.

Just put them into your Warframe and you’re good to go. It’s not really recommended to rank up flawed-mods, because you will get the normal version pretty soon in one way or another.

So even if you have to put in some flawed mods right now, don’t waste your Endo in ranking them up.

Fusing mods is a very important part of Warframe.

The last part of the junction quests requires you to use the fusion process to get a mod to rank 2. If you do have a non-flawed mod rather use that one.

You can do it by simply equipping it into your Warframe (or weapon) and press the ‘MODS’ tab on the bottom right. You can also upgrade (and see) all your mods by using the modding module of your ship, which is on the left side after you went down the first ramp.

Pick the mod you want to upgrade, click on ‘FUSION’ and set it to the rank you want to change it to. Make sure you have enough credits and Endo and then click ‘APPLY FUSION’. Now you’re good to go!

Beating the Junction Specter

Once you’re done with all the junction pre-quests, go to your star chart and join the junction.

Walk forward to the console and click ‘confront specter’ to start the fight. The fight itself will be against a level 5 Rhino specter and should be fairly easy.

Just use your weapons and skills to kill him. If you’re not dealing damage, don’t worry: Rhino can give himself a damage-absorbing shield, so you have to just deal damage until the shield is gone.

If you’re having trouble with the incoming damage, hide behind one of the pillars in the room and use them as cover, while shooting the specter with your weapons.

After you defeated the specter, simply walk to the front-end of the room, click on ‘ACTIVATE JUNCTION’ and enjoy a short animation.

The game will then send you back to your ship. From there on you can access the mission nodes on Venus.

You will also have gained the following rewards:

  • 5.000 credits
  • Taxon Blueprint
  • Furis Blueprint
  • 500 Salvage
  • North Wind
  • Stormbringer

Stormbringer and North Wind are nice elemental mods that will help you out with your damage output against a lot of the Venus’ enemy types.

The new weapons are also nice, but you probably need to farm some more resources to craft them both.

Beating the Venus junction should not be a problem at all!

What To Do After Venus Junction

From here on out you do have several things to do and depending on your interests you can start with whatever you like most.

But at this point you should probably start doing one of the following steps:

  • Stay on Earth: If you continue to do the different Earth nodes, you will get more resources and especially Neurodes are important for early weapons. You won’t be able to kill the boss on Oro, because you are currently not able to get an Archwing, which blocks the Erpo missions and making it also impossible to reach Tikal for now. The other nodes should be easily doable and especially farming a few rounds on Lith or Coba will give you lots of resources, experience and new mods.
  • Start missions on Venus: You’ll eventually have to start with Venus, sure, but if you want you can go immediately into the new missions. You will need Alloy Plates to build your new Furis blueprint. If you manage to get to Fortuna, feel free to start the first quest (Vox Solaris Quest Walkthrough), but we’ll apply the same logic as with Plains of Eidolon and skip most of it for now.
  • Focus on new weapons: You already got yourself two new blueprints from the new junction. Focus on gathering the resources first. Especially endless missions (defense, survival, excavation, etc.) are good to get rare resources.
  • Get some credits: Credits are a very important source and you will need millions and millions during the game to craft and buy everything you need. Getting some credits early on is always nice, because you will need to invest some amount of the galactic currency when you start crafting new weapons and Warframes. Doing dark sector missions (like Coba on Earth) give extra experience and resources, but are also a great way to earn some easy money. Even if you only stay for five rounds you’re going to get 15.000+ credits here!
  • Void Fissures: If you already got some Lith relics as a mission reward for some Earth missions then keep your eye open on Void Fissure missions. Maybe one for Earth or Venus will pop up and you can start doing those. They give good experience, some credits but most importantly you can get parts for primed weapons and Warframes. And if you don’t want to use those immediately, you can also sell them for Platinum.

So either head to Earth or start with Venus, because you will need Alloy Plates from there to build the Furis.

We will move on with the last point and start farming Earth until we do get enough Neurodes (we need 5!) to build the Taxon and the Furis.

After that we head over to Venus and start clearing the first missions. But feel free to explore yourself and do whatever you like!

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