Thermia Fractures Guide

One of the prerequisites to craft yourself a Hildryn is fighting the Exploiter Orb, because this monster of a Corpus weapon will drop all the Chassis, Neuroptics and System blueprints you need.

In order to be able to fight it and to start the event which will lead to the fight you do need to get your hands on Diluted Thermia, a resource that can only be gathered every two weeks during the ‘Operation: Buried Debts’ event.

During that event a lot of yellow fractures will spawn on the Orb Vallis and your job is to seal them, using Coolant canisters. You do need to close four of those fractures with your canister to fill it and get one Diluted Thermia – which in return will allow you to fight the Exploiter Orb once.

This guide will not only help you with understanding fracture farming, but will also give you some pointers to the best Warframes to pick, what weapons to use and what else to think about before storming onto the Orb Vallis.

How To Seal Thermia Fractures

The first thing you need to do when sealing fractures is to get yourself a Coolant canister.

They are dropped by Coolant Raknoids, which are following the Exploiter Orb in groups of five. The Exploiter Orb is running around the Temple of Profit in the northwest of the map, usually in a bigger radius around it.

So fly towards the temple, find and kill a Coolant Raknoid and take the canister to a fracture. To be as fast as possible you should always use your Archwing Launcher and ignore the Exploiter Orb completely.

You can’t injure it at this time, so don’t even bother trying.

Once you’ve found a Thermia Fracture, simply jump into the yellow mass and place the canister where ever the game tells you to.

All you need to do now is defend the canister until the fracture is closed. So sealing the fractures is basically a special version of mobile defense.

To fully fill a canister you need to seal four fractures with it, which will give you one Diluted Thermia.

Once the canister is full it will vanish and you need to find the Exploiter Orb (or rather the Coolant Raknoids) again and get a new one. Repeat this as many times as you want and need.

Update: You can now use up to four canisters in one fissure at the same time, which will speed up the process by a lot.

Putting in more canisters into one fissure will also spawn harder enemies and result in the fissure to erupt with different effects from time to time – rendering protective Warframe abilities useless.

Kill the Coolant Raknoids to get Coolant Containers.

Farming Tips for Thermia Fractures

You can farm this mission completely on your own, because with a decent damage output and some defense capabilities you shouldn’t run into much trouble defending your canisters.

That said, playing in a group has a lot of advantages: Not only can you be revived if you somehow catch lethal damage, but the fights are easier, people can pick different roles (DPS, Support, Utility, etc.) and you also save a lot of time if you communicate well.

The best method to save a lot of time is by picking one team mate who is responsible for finding new fractures and getting a new canister if needed.

So while three Warframes are around the active fracture, they are flying around the map and look for another fracture, mark it and then return to the group to help defend.

This way you can directly aim for the next Thermia Fracture and not waste any time by searching for it after the last fracture was sealed.

The same is true for getting a new canister during the fourth fracture of every canister cycle.

Best Warframes for Fracture Farming

To be fair, you can solve this mission by simply bringing a loadout you would also choose for dealing with the highest bounty missions on Fortuna.

Even though fracture farming plays like an endless mission, the levels on your enemies won’t increase and every time you go to another fracture everything resets. Theoretically you don’t even have to bother killing all the beacons placed during the last fracture.

But if you want to maximize your chances of being as efficient and save as possible, there are still some great Warframe picks you should know about:

  • DPS Warframes: The best choice by far is Mesa, because her huge burst capabilities in relation with the wide area of Orb Vallis will give you a high damage output and even deal with spawned Jackals or other higher tier enemies. Volt or Equinox are great choices as well, but you can also be very successful with every AoE-Warframe, e.g. Ember, Mesa, etc.
  • Defensive Warframes: Your top-pick is Limbo, because the combination of his ‘Cataclysm’ and ‘Stasis’ will reduce the incoming damage by…well, by everything. Keep both abilities up and you can easily solo fracture farming. A good Frost or Khora (using a big ‘Strangledome’) are also great choices!
  • Utility Warframes: Playing with the usual suspects gives your team another edge, so picking something like a Sonar Banshee, Slow Nova or a Trinity can be super beneficial. Just make sure your team doesn’t end up without a DPS, or you might be in for a harder time than you bargained for.
Mark new fractures so your team mates can find them.

Best Weapons For the Job

Since you won’t be facing super high level enemies, but rather have to deal with mobs around level 45 to 60, you can usually bring whatever weapon you like.

There is no need to bring a super high damage weapon, like the Tigris Prime or a sniper rifle. Instead bring whatever you do use during bounty runs, because you will meet the same enemies and the same group sizes.

AoE-weapons are a great choice, so picking an Amprex or the Ignis Wraith will help you deal with larger groups of enemies in no time.

Just make sure you have the right elemental mods (magnetic damage is arguably your best choice here) and remember to always kill the alert beacons or you might find yourself fighting a large amount of high tier enemies that not only might kill you, but also destroy your canister.


Farming for Diluted Thermia is tiresome and boring, especially if you want to (or need to) do it a couple of times.

You need to seal four fractures for one resource drop, so getting yourself a resource booster will be super beneficial.

The mission itself isn’t really problematic or hard, just make sure to bring a good Warframe, a strong weapon and some survivability against higher tier enemies.

Doing the mission solo is possible, but super slow and you can usually find a team quickly with the help or your clan or the recruitment chat.

If you think we missed some important information, use the comments and let us know! Also, don’t forget to have fun while farming.

4 thoughts on “Thermia Fractures Guide”

  1. Limbo’s Cataclysm+Stasis didn’t work in Orb Vallis last time I tried fractures. I set the bubble on the eruption, got in and got blasted to bits from all directions…

    • Just added the update to the guide – if you are using more than one canister per fissure the fissure will use different effects. One of these effects is a short nullifier shield around every Warframe, so bringen Limbo/Frost to protect the fissure isn’t that great in those situations.

      • except a lot of enemies in the vallis straight up ignores limbo rift, gara and volt shields and frost globe – basically all your non-personal defensive options are invalid or very risky to say the least. this has nothing to do with the multiple cannister effects, it’s just basic vallis fuckery.

        frost (avalanche with duration and range) or saryn (range) – both carrying a big gun to handle immune enemies – seem to be the best options if you want to go at it alone.

        • How do they ignore frost/limbo? All I can think of are Nullifier shields and those aren’t super common?

          If you want CC there are way better options than frost – Nyx, Slow Nova, Volt, etc. And while Saryn is a good DPS, Mesa is way stronger on open world maps.


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