Titania Prime Builds Guide

Often times people aren’t all that impressed with Titania, mainly because a lot of people don’t enjoy playing Archwing and her fourth skill ‘Razorwing’ does mimic the classic Archwing movement and combat.

Also her skill set doesn’t seem as strong as most other Warframes, especially because she doesn’t have area-of-effect damage.

But since her appearance in 2016 she often times sees more and more play when it comes to killing (event) bosses, since she does get a good amount of evasion and a way better movement in the air than most Warframes can offer.

Farming her blueprints is super easy, since you simply need to go to a New Loka leader on any relay and request the quest. Just play through that and you are good to go!

Once you build her you also have access to her own Warframe weapons, consisting of a dual secondary weapon and her own melee weapon, called ‘Dex Pixia’ and ‘Diwata’.

If you want to maximize your damage output and use all the potential Titania has to offer, you’re going to need to invest quite some Forma – another reason, why a lot of new player don’t use her that often or at all.

While that sounds off-putting, getting Titania and maxing her out will reward you with a great Warframe, a lot of fun and even a great way to kill a lot of boss mobs you’re going to encounter in the Warframe universe.


  • Can fly Archwing-like
  • Very good dual pistols
  • Solid damage output
  • Parts are easy to get
  • High evasion ultimate
  • Comes with 2 polarities


  • Tellurium needed to craft Titania
  • Not everyone likes the Archwing style
  • Needs a lot of Forma to be good

The Best Titania Prime Builds

Building around her first three abilities might seem like a great idea at first, but usually you want to be as effective as possible while using your ‘Razorwing’ ability.

So finding a build that uses the best potential here while also giving you the chance to activate all your other abilities is a goal you should aim for.

That said, this guide will give you different approaches you can follow or ideas you want to develop yourself.

Picking an aura shouldn’t be a problem at all, because you simply are going to pick Corrosive Projection.

You might want to take a look and experiment around a bit with Growing Power or Pistol Amp, but generally speaking all you want and need is Corrosive Projection.

Energy Siphon won’t work while channeling your ultimate skill and everything else the game has to offer is simply not good enough to be used over CP.

Another important note is regarding the ‘Razorwing’ ability: Even if it might look and feel like you are airborne, the game will not interpret it that way.

That means that neither Aviator nor Agility Drift are working for you!

Update: Since Hotfix 24.5.5 Aviator and Agility Drift should be working fine while being airborn!

Tip: If you want to know more about Titania and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page.

Dex Pixia Build

Let’s start with the build for your dual Warframe pistols – which is very similar to what you’re going to use when you are building your Akstiletto Prime.

Hornet Strike, Primed Target Cracker and Primed Pistol Gambit (or the normal versions of these mods) are auto-includes and you should never skip Lethal Torrent.

Extra elemental damage is very nice and you can simply switch out the elemental damage type you want for your next mission with the elemental type you are currently using.

Maim is by no stretch a ‘must-have’ and can easily be replaced by another elemental mod like Heated Charge or Convulsion.

But since the Dex Pixia already brings a lot of slash damage it will greatly increase your damage output and also help you against a lot of different unit types.

You can achieve 95,2% status chance if you use all four +60% status chance mods, which might be super strong if you are planing to fight assassination targets or if you want to try out Titania and he weapons against the Profit-Taker Orb.

Diwata Build

The Diwata is Titania’s melee weapon, but to be honest playing in Archwing mode makes it highly unlikely that you’re going to use the Diwata very often.

Yes, you are able to melee flying enemies, but the dual pistols are always faster and stronger. If you are still looking for a Diwata build, go ahead and use something like our version.

Primed Fury and Primed Pressure Point should always be the start for every build, where as Primed Reach is nice-to-have, but can easily be replaced by a damage mod.

Organ Shatter and Berserker work great with the already high critical chance and Sundering Strike increases the high puncture damage even further.

The latter can also be replaced by another elemental mod, True Steel or Gladiator Might.

Talking about elemental mods, don’t forget to always use the two mods that will give you an edge in your next mission, always depending on your enemies.

The Standard Titania Build

The Standard Titania Build
The Standard Titania Build

There is a lot you will be able to do while you’re flying around in your ‘Razorwing’ ability, but you will need a high amount of ability strength and some good efficiency.

This build solely revolves around your ultimate and will give you the best damage output.

Transient Fortitude, Blind Range and Intensify are your best choices here and if you somehow manage to include Umbral Intensify over the normal version, do that!

Streamline and Fleeting Expertise will help to keep you airborne (even though you are technically not) and Vitality will do a great job at keeping you alive, especially combined with the 50% evasion you do get from ‘Razorwing’.

Primed Continuity also helps with the energy drain and if you are looking to change something, you put in a Redirection or a Steel Fiber over the Vitality.

Rush will increase your flight speed by a lot, but if you don’t really care about that, switch it out for Power Drift.

Other than that, this build is pretty straight forward, strong and easy to play!

The Razorwing Blitz Build

Titania Prime Razorwing Blitz Build
Razorwing Blitz Build

This build is pretty similar to the standard version, but uses the augmented mod ‘Razorwing Blitz’ to deal even more damage.

To abuse the power of that mod you do however need to cast your abilities, so there are some compromises to make.

Putting in Stretch will allow you to use your abilities from further away and you might even want to think about cutting Vitality for Streamline, because you will need more energy.

Don’t forget to keep the buff up as you need it and always have an eye on the top left corner of your screen to see the remaining duration and stacks of the Razorwing Blitz buff.

Cast abilities as needed and get a feeling for your rotation. If you find yourself running out of bullets too often, consider using Primed Slip Magazine (or its normal version) in your Dex Pixia.

A super high fire rate can be super nice, but also brings some problems you need to counter-act.

Titania Prime Lantern Build

Building around your ultimate ability feels the most natural, but there are other builds out there that are also quite competitive – even though they look like they are more on the casual side of things.

This idea revolves around your third ability ‘Lantern’ and should be easy to understand: You use your skill on up to four different enemies and simply wait for them to explode – and kill (or at least damage) everyone else in range.

To be as useful as possible you want range and ability strength, but also getting to a low amount of duration is very important.

Because of this, you can simply run around, use ‘Lantern’ and keep on moving without having to press it again. After three second they are going to explode on their own.

You could also modify this build for a super long duration to get a more constant damage output (think Primed Continuity and Constitution!).

One problem this current build has is namely the fact that often times your allies simply kill everything (especially on lower levels) before you can really benefit from your ‘Lantern’ ability.

That said, if you are able to blast away everything with this build it does feel very satisfying and surprisingly strong.


Sadly, Titania and its Prime version is one of those Warframes that get overlooked a lot. She doesn’t seem to be as obviously strong as other representatives of the game and lacks overpowered area-of-effect skills (even though The Lantern Build feels pretty neat).

But if you do like flying around in a Archwing-like mode and if you do enjoy shooting stuff with the Dex Pixia (or similar secondary weapons), playing with Titania will give you hours of joy and fun.

So get her, craft her and play her – you won’t regret it!

10 thoughts on “Titania Prime Builds Guide”

  1. Just a note that now Razorwing counts as being airborne so Airborn, and presumably agility drift, will trigger properly.

  2. Both ability duration and efficiency effect the cost of Titanias forth ability. Fleeting expertise does nothing because of this and your really low ability duration actually counters all the efficiency you have. You need to drop range instead.

    • That is not true at all! You can test it yourself: Simply use the build, unequip Fleeting Expertise and see how the energy-drain-per-second changes. 🙂

        • Sure, ability duration influence channeling costs. But Titania has more than one ability and unless you completely ignoring all the other skills (which you probably could do, you can play however you want) you hurt yourself with using Narrow Minded more than you help yourself. Reducing the range isn’t great for the other skills and reducing the efficiency isn’t a great idea either.

          • Reducing efficiency is not no. So drop continuity for narrow minded. It drops almost two mana per second on the four and saves the buff and cc duration. You will have to get closer for your other skills but reduction on channel mana makes up for it.

  3. It would be great if you could suggest a ‘Lephantis’ build, as this seems to be one of the best frames for either farming Lephantis for the warframe parts, fighting Lephantis for the ‘Operation: Plague Star’ event, or fighting Lephantis for the Steel Path.


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