Trinity Prime Builds Guide

Trinity is a must for any high-stakes mission. She’ll save your life, Tenno!” This Lotus quote is a perfect description for everything Trinity is supposed to be.

She was one of the first Warframes ever released and since then she has been the best support Warframe in the game.

She is essential for nearly every premade farm group and is welcome in every random encounter.

Her abilities allow her to replenish the health pool and shields of her allies, she helps by refilling the energy pool of every team member and especially her augmented mod Vampire Leech is the main reason why she is so important.

But she can do way more than that and if you are looking for a Warframe to get into every aspect of the game, go farm yourself a Trinity! If you’re not sure on the how, we recommend reading our ‘How to get Trinity‘ guide!


  • Best support Warframe in the game
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Even simple builds are strong
  • Replenishes energy, health and shields


  • Very low damage output
  • Depends on team mates

The Best Trinity Prime Builds

If you ever take a look at the recruitment chat, you will find lots of Tennos looking for an “EV Trin“, which refers to her main build.

So in theory all you ever need as this build and you can find a group for almost every mission.

Since your skills already replenish energy and health, you don’t really need to get Rejuvenation or Energy Siphon – rather pick up Corrosive Projection and reduce your enemies armor, which also helps your team mates by a lot.

Tip: If you want to know more about Trinity and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Main Trinity Prime Build: Energy Vampire Trinity

Main Trinity Prime Build: Energy Vampire Trinity
Main Trinity Prime Build: Energy Vampire Trinity

The Energy Vampire Trinity a.k.a. EV Trinity revolves around – as the name already suggests! – your second ability, called Energy Vampire. You simply aim at an enemy, press 2 and watch while your and your allies’ energy pool fills up.

If you use Vampire Leech (which is highly recommended) you will also replenish the shields of your allies and yourself and even overcharge them by up to 150%, making everyone on your team more tanky.

Using Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude is really key in this build, since you want the ticks between each replenish to be as short as possible.

Going down to 12% duration allows you to spam your second ability and overcharge shields everywhere.

You don’t really need efficiency, since you will always have a lot of energy (thanks to you spamming your Energy Vampire), but you should aim to get as much range and strength as possible.

If you don’t want to use Primed Flow, you can always change it to Redirection, which will give you more shields (and even more overshields).

Since you are a support Warframe your job is to make sure that no one in your team dies.

To do this most efficiently, you should aim to not die first. A dead Trinity won’t help others! Since almost every Warframe heavily relies on energy to use its own abilities, Trinity is really one of the best support Warframes and can be useful in almost every situation and mission.

Feel free to use her everywhere – unless you want to go for solo play, since her damage output is really low.

Bless Trinity Prime Build

Bless Trinity Prime Build
Bless Trinity Prime Build

Another build – that some group setups require – evolves around your ultimate ability Blessing. It replenishes health and shields up to a maximum of 80% and also gives a 50% damage reduction buff.

Generally speaking you want to use this build if you already have an EV Trinity in your group or if you simply don’t need all the energy you would generate.

Some Warframes don’t benefit from having a lot of energy and therefor don’t need an EV Trinity in their group.

So building a lot of duration and strength on your Trinity will help you in getting a long and strong Blessing. The damage mitigation is really helpful, especially if you try to go into high level missions.

Vitality and Redirection will help you to survive long enough to always cast your fourth ability and Primed Flow will make sure that you have enough energy to do so.

You don’t have to use Corrosive Projection in this build and if you find yourself having energy problems, just switch to Energy Siphon.

Profit-Taker Build

Profit-Taker Build
Profit-Taker Build

This build is very special, because it will allow you to become a super tank and also support your whole team during the Profit-Taker Orb fight.

Your first responsibility is to always keep your second, third and fourth skill up, damage comes second.

The build itself should be very easy to understand and you might even want to switch out Corrosive Projection for Rejuvenation if you can.

If not, don’t worry, because the armor reduction will help to kill the trash mobs around the orb!

You don’t really need Adaptation, but it is a very nice mod to have against the Profit-Taker Orb and it’s minions.

You won’t be in trouble as often as you would without it and your survivability will increase a bit. Otherwise you might want to think about Redirection, Constitution or even Natural Talent.

Lowering your duration to get a higher energy income isn’t worth it, because keeping up your ‘Blessing’ skill is very important. If you can, use Umbral Vitality, but if not, it’s also not a big deal.

Just try to follow this build and you won’t have any trouble going into the Profit-Taker Orb fight.


Trinity is one of the best Warframes in the game, simply because you can play her in almost every mission with one simple build.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to go for a long Lith endless run or if you plan on hunting Eidolons, Trinity is a go-to Warframe for a lot of players.

She will also help you to get into high level gameplay, since you don’t really need to know what to do in certain missions. Just play for the team, make sure everyone has health, shields and energy and don’t die while doing so.

She will help you farm new Warframes, new weapons and lots of resources A great Warframe for every aspect of the game!

3 thoughts on “Trinity Prime Builds Guide”

  1. so, the last build, why range? it seems that blass is always 50m, no matter the range, does it proceed?

    • actually I got the range, for the 3 to get the adds, but isn’t bless capped on power? now I’m lost on the bless build, LOL

      • Yeah, range in the Profit Taker Build is for your second and third ability, which you need to have up all the time. So getting a lot of range will help you and your team during the fight.

        For the Bless Build: Yes, you only need to hit 150% strength to cap out Blessing’s damage reduction. But it is not like I am dedicating a lot of mod slots for ability strength – you can’t reach 50% extra strength with just Intensify + Power Drift (that’s only 45%), so you will need one of the corrupted mods. You have the choice of picking Transient Fortitude (which will reduce your duration and that’s not great) or Blind Rage – so we’re going with Blind Rage.
        Also having a little bit more ability strength is always nice in case you want to get a little bit extra energy with your second skill.


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