Tusk Thumper Fight Guide

While the Eidolon roam the Plains of Eidolon during the night, the day belongs to the Grineer and their heavily armored vehicles, called Tusk Thumpers.

Those four-legged enemies will spawn randomly somewhere on the map and will not only follow and attack you, if you come to close, but they are also a great source for extra rewards.

You can and will encounter them while you’re doing Cetus bounties, but you could also just go into the free-roam-modus and search the Plains for the enemy.

Once you’ve found yourself a Tusk Thumper, you need to kill it in order to gain the different drop rewards.

While the fight itself isn’t hard at all, there are still some tips and tricks you can utilize to make the fight even easier.

Just make sure to join the Plains of Eidolon during day time, because the special enemy will not spawn during night.

The best way to spot one is using your Archwing Launcher and fly around until you (or one of your team mates) find the big vehicles.

How To Kill Tusk Thumper

Once you’ve found an Tusk Thumper, you can start engaging directly.

While you might meet one of three different version (the normal Tusk Thumper, the stronger Tusk Thumper Bull and the even stronger Tusk Thumper Doma), the fight is always the same.

Here are the few steps you need to repeat:

  • First of all, you need to destroy the armor plate on one of the four knees. Just use your weapon to shoot it off.
  • Now a green, glowing light will be shown, which is exactly the weak spot you need to attack. Use your weapons again to shoot that light until the leg is broken.
  • Repeat that for all four legs and the Tusk Thumper (or its different variants) will be defeated. You don’t need to kill one leg first and then move to the other, but try and damage all legs as you please. Since the Tusk Thumper will rotate a lot, it is usually easier to stay in one spot and damage the leg that is right in front of you.

After you destroyed all four legs, the Tusk Thumper will be defeated and then drop Plains of Eidolon resources as well as other stuff.

If you did bring a Nekros into the fight, you will get the chance to double the drops.

After 90 to 120 seconds another Tusk Thumper will spawn somewhere on the map.

First you need to shoot the armor plate of the Tus Thumper’s knees.
Then aim for the green glowing light until each leg is destroyed.

Killing Tusk Thumper (Tips & Tricks)

There are some simple ideas to make the fight easier, which not only will result in a faster killing time, but also in a better way to farm the Tusk Thumper for its rewards.

Here are some ideas on how to simplify the fight:

  • Use your Archwing Launcher: If you fly around in your Archwing and use a long range rifle or a sniper rifle (e.g. the Rubico Prime), you will be safe from most of the Tusk Thumper’s attacks. That way you can easily aim and shoot at the weak spots and destroy the enemy pretty fast. It doesn’t really matter what Warframe or Archwing you pick as long as you bring a good weapon.
  • Play Titania: For the same reason your Archwing Launcher is a good choice, Titania and her ‘Razorwing’ ability are very strong in this fight. You also have less trouble with Grineer units come to help the Tusk Thumper, because of Titania’s damage reduction and the Razorflies.
  • Slow Nova: Slowing down Tusk Thumper’s movement will make it pretty easy to hit the weak spots and will also reduce the attack speed of it.
  • Invisibility: If you bring a Warframe like Loki or Ivara you will be able to switch into invisibility, which makes the fight super easy. If Tusk Thumper can’t see you, it won’t rotate a lot and it also won’t shoot at you.
  • Operator Mode: Bring a strong Void Beam that has some Punch Through damage (and maybe some area-of-effect damage) and you will be able to deal good amount of damage to the weak spot. This is also very ammo efficient, which might be relevant if you are trying to kill Tusk Thumpers multiple times during one run.

Again, the fight isn’t really hard.

But if you try out the different tactics from above you might find yourself killing the enemy super fast and increasing the time needed for the reward you are looking for by a lot.

Tusk Thumper Drops

Of course you do want to get something out of killing the Tusk Thumper and there is plenty of rewards you will get for your trouble.

For example, you will get some Plains of Eidolon resources and killing the normal version will result in common and uncommon drops, whereas the other two will also guaranteed drop rare resources as well as more common and uncommon once.

There is also a 15,04% chance to drop one of the following rare mods:

  • Augur Secrets (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)
  • Augur Seeker (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)
  • Gladiator Finesse (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)
  • Gladiator Vice (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)
  • Stinging Thorn (super rare drop from Eidolon Vomvalyst)
  • Target Acquired (also dropped from Wolf of Saturn Six, Saturn Six Fugitive and Recon Commander)
  • Vigilante Offense (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)
  • Vigilante Supplies (also rewarded from Cetus bounties)

The Tusk Thumper Bull and the Tusk Thumper Doma also have the chance (2,5% and 5%, respectively) to drop the blueprint for the Korrudo weapon.

This weapon can only be acquired by killing these Tusk Thumpers and is often the main reason why people even bother killing the Grineer vehicle.

Use your Archwing Launcher to get an advantage in the fight.


Sometimes – especially during bounties – it can be super annoying to find one of the Tusk Thumpers. They will follow you around and attack you, which will make your life somewhat troublesome.

But killing them is very easy, so just take a few minutes and destroy it. If you are going to farm it for the potential mod or weapon drop, make sure to bring an Archwing Launcher to speed the process up by a lot.

If you think we missed some important information or if you have some general tips you want to share, feel free to leave us a comment.

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  1. There is another way for those at low mastery rating and without archwing launcher. Steal some Dargyn and kill this beast from the safety of the sky (stay away from his machineguns, his rockets are slow and can be easily evaded). You may either shot down a pilot from airborne Dargyn, or find landed Dargyns, kill the pilots nearby and fly. There is only one problem – Tusk Thumper turns to the player, so his rear legs are a little bit more difficult to hit. Try to fly quickly right above him, then turn around and shoot. In Dargyn, hold sprint key to speed up and jump key to maintain/gain altitude, because you will aim to the ground most of the time and holding shift + forward will bring you down pretty quickly.


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