Update 25.5.0 released

With the release of the Update 25.5.0 (on PC only – at least for the moment) Warframe finally has the ability to ask you directly if you wish to equip the relic you just upgraded, saving you an unnecessary click. Oh yeah sure, we did get a few new skins (especially the Wukong Samadhi Skin looks nice), we can now see directly which weapons you own for the Riven you are currently looking at and we also got some ‘substantial improvements to the Colour Customization of Warframe’ – especially great if you are into Fashionframe. For example, the ‘random color’ feature now chooses from across different palettes. Oh, and there are more ‘favorite color’ slots!

The Update 25.5.0 brought you some more minor fixes and changes, removed some bugs while using Revenant and also some technical problems with the Nightwave. Honestly, while this update doesn’t include a lot of big new, shiny additions to the game, it is one of those updates that just keep the game going by tweaking some minor things. It’s a good update and we recommend looking at the whole change-log.

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