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Vauban went from being one of the most important Warframes to one of the most underplayed Warframes in the last few years. He used to not only be an important part in every raid group, but was also often used in farming groups or just as a nice addition in defense or excavation missions. Sadly due to the fact that the raid is no longer a part of the game and also because there have been a lot of releases with better suited Warframes there is not really a place for Vauban in the current meta anymore.

But if you are just looking for a very fun-to-play Warframe with a good crowd-control-based skill set and some interesting DPS-builds, then crafting and using Vauban might be exactly what you are looking for. When playing with him, don’t forget his passive ability, which will increase all damage dealt by Vauban to incapacitated enemies, so using your crowd control skills can be very beneficial.


  • Good CC abilities
  • Comes with 2 polarities
  • Easy to obtain
  • Different viable builds
  • Super strong against infested


  • Low shields
  • Overall DPS output not the best

The different builds

Let’s make this short and easy: You almost always want to use Energy Siphon as your main aura, because as a caster Warframe Vauban really needs all the energy regeneration he can get. In some circumstances it might be better to use Corrosive Projection instead, but that is usually only the case when you plan on fighting higher level enemies. Also, since Vauban’s shields are lower than average you usually want to play Vitality over Redirection as your preferred survivability mod of your choice. Make sure to read a bit through the abilities, because it is not always obvious how the different stats affect the skills.

While looking through the different builds you might also ask yourself why there is no mention of the second ability ‘Minelayer’ at all. The reason is simply because Tesla is a better form of dealing damage in any shape or form and your other abilities are also better suited for CC. So using Bounce, Trip Laser, Shred or Concuss isn’t really worth it (unless you want to play around it just for fun).

Tip: If you want to know more about Vauban and his abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

The Bastille Build

Vauban’s third ability ‘Bastille’ used to be the main reason why he was a big part of every raid group. Even though the ability hasn’t really changed over the years, today there are simply way stronger CC Warframes out there, doing more or less the same thing, but better. Khora or Gara are just a few examples. Using the ability will create a containment field that holds enemies up in the air once they enter the field and even affects enemies that are already inside the radius.

The number of enemies that can be contained simultaneously depends on your ability strength, so using Umbral Intensify (or it’s normal version) and Blind Rage is usually beneficial. This build allows you to hit up to 21 enemies at the same time, but if you do need more you can always use Power Drift over Cunning Drift and Augur Secrets over Vitality. Range is usually a big factor for your Bastille ability and especially if you try to defend excavators or a defense target you want to get as much range as you can grab. Combine that with a good amount of duration and you’ll be landing somewhere near the build you can see here.

Even though Repelling Bastille looks like a nice addition, generally speaking you don’t need it at all and it feels like a wasted mod slot if you are using it. Repelling enemies inside the energy field might look like a nice addition, but you can just kill them with your weapons (or with the help of your allies) instead.

The Tesla Build

This version focuses on your first ability and utilizes your grenades to deal decent amount of damage. But since you are able to have more than one grenade active at the same time (the number of grenades you can throw only depends on the amount of energy you have) you can increase your damage output by a lot by simply distributing all your grenades as you see fit. You obviously want to have some good ability strength in your DPS build, but you can also charge each grenade by simply holding down the ability button for a short amount of time. This will change the status chance up to 100%.

The number of charges for each grenade is influenced by your ability duration and our build reaches 15 charges. Each activation not only deals damage to the nearest enemy, but also has the change to deal arc damage and jump to other enemies as well, dealing 50% damage in the process. So throwing a few grenades into crowded spots can be a good way to deal with larger mob groups. Depending on your mission and your play style you don’t necessarily need to use Overextended for the higher range, but getting a good amount of range is oftentimes key to killing enemies before they start shooting you, your team mates or whatever else you want to protect.

While the augmented mod Tesla Link might look like a nice addition to the build, you should usually be able to kill enemies before they are in range to get in range for the extra value. Also, you rather have some more range, strength or duration instead.

The Vortex Build

One of the reasons why Vauban used to be super popular during the earlier years of the game is his ultimate ability ‘Vortex’. This made him an auto-include in almost every farming group, where you would combine him with a speed Nova, a Nekros and usually a Hydroid or a Trinity. You would simply join a survival mission, find a good camping spot with a narrow point (e.g. a door) and use your Vortex there to trap every enemy. Generally speaking, this is still possible (and not bad at at all!) today.

For the build you really want a good combination of range and duration with some efficiency. Since you’re not going to deal a lot of damage with the skill, ignore ability strength completely and either let your team mates deal with mobs or use your weapon to kill everyone trapped inside the vortex. Shotguns like the Vaykor Hek are super efficient here. Also, Perpetual Vortex isn’t all that bad, so if you don’t really need Vitality or Streamline, feel free to give it a try!


Vauban is still (more or less) the same Warframe he used to be years ago. Sure, his passive ability changed a couple of times and he got a small rework for his second ability, but especially ‘Bastille’ and ‘Vortex’ are still some good crowd control skills. Sadly, crowd control feels pretty useless nowadays and there aren’t many missions you need CC to begin with. But if you are looking for a still pretty fun-to-play Warframe that comes with different builds and the chance to still be great in the right setup, then get yourself a Vauban!

If you think we missed a build or if you found some improvements, leave us a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Vauban Builds Guide

  1. So, Vauban Prime is Vaulted; regular Vauban is still obtainable from the Nightwave events, however. Given that the Vauban has less stats than V. Prime, what adjustments should be considered for regular Vauban versus V. Prime?

    1. The differences between Vauban Prime and the normal Vauban version aren’t all that big – mainly the 50 armor. So you really don’t need to find a different for the normal or the primed version.

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