Vault Run Guide (How To Unlock Orokin Vaults)

At some point in the game you will ask yourself the question everyone asks: Where can I get better mods? If you take a look at all the weapon and Warframe builds in the game there is a good chance that you will find a lot of the so called ‘corrupted mods’.

They usually have a very strong advantage, but will also come with a noticeable disadvantage – for example giving your Warframe a lot of ability strength, but also reducing the duration of your skills.

There are currently 23 different corrupted mods in the game and you will need at least 50% of them to finish your endgame builds.

These very special mods are only obtainable by opening the Orokin Vault, which is located on the Orokin Derelict tileset.

Getting there is pretty easy (at least in theory), but will need a little bit of preparation.

But if you are looking to open the world, you also need to get special items, called Dragon Keys.

This guide will tell you where you will get all the resources and blueprints needed, how to be as useful as possible and it will even give you an example on how to solo the hunt for the Orokin Vault.

The Preparation (Craft Everything You Need)

Before you can start on grinding Vault Runs, you do need to craft the blueprints for the Orokin Derelict missions first.

They are easy to get and can simply be bought in the market for 2.500 credits for each of the seven different mission types.

Crafting them should also be no problem, with the Nav Coordinates being the hardest resource to farm for.

Here is what you need for the Capture mission, which is what most people if they want to hunt down the Orokin Vault:

  • 6.500x Credits (super easy go get)
  • 2.500x Nano Spores (common resource found on Neptune, Saturn, Eris and Orokin Derelict)
  • 750x Ferrite (common resource found on Earth, Mercury, Neptune and Orokin Void)
  • 80x Circuits (uncommon resource found on Ceres, Venus and the Kuva Fortress)
  • 5x Nav Coordinates (found in lockers and storage containers on every planet)

With a crafting time of only one minute you don’t need to craft a lot of keys in advance (with the assassinate mission being an exception).

It’s also important to note that you don’t need to buy new blueprints every time you want to do a mission, so simply crafting it again in your foundry is enough.

Orokin Vault Dragon Keys

Find the Dragon Key blueprints in the Orokin Lab in your Dojo.

To open the Vault once you’ve found it you will need to equip and bring a so-called ‘Dragon Key’ to the door.

Which key is needed is totally random, so for a 100% chance to open the Vault you will need to bring all four Dragon Keys – which is one of the reason why people usually go in as four.

Each Dragon Key comes with a unique negative side effect and will make the mission way harder. Equipping one can already be problematic, equipping all four is really unwise.

The side effects are:

  • Bleeding Key: -75% Health
  • Decaying Key: -75% Shield
  • Extinguished Key: -75% Damage
  • Hobbled Key: -50% Speed

The blueprints for the four different Dragon Keys are purchased in the Dojo at the Orokin Lab (check the ‘Research Solar Rail’ console) and can be bought for just 500 credits.

Crafting them is also pretty cheap, because you only need 500 Credits, 250 Ferrite and ten Void Traces.

The Best Warframes for Orokin Vaults

Once you’ve found a group you need to decide which member of your four-man-team brings which Dragon Key.

Everyone should bring one key and try to counteract the negative side effects by equipping it with a Warframe that doesn’t get a big penalty for wearing one of the keys. There are usually some good choices to make.

Don’t forget to equip the Dragon Key through into your Gear Wheel before hopping into the mission.

During the mission your team should split up and search the whole map for the Orokin Vault door. Once you found it, make sure to mark it and announce in chat which Dragon Key is needed.

That way not everyone has to run through the whole map. Once it is opened everyone will get a corrupted mod after extraction, so finish the map (Capture or Exterminate are the fastest mission for the run) and head towards the extraction marker.

Here are our Warframe suggestions for each key:

Best Warframes for Bleeding Key (-75% Health)

  • Hildryn: The warrior goddess already has a very low health pool, but does bring great survival with more than 4.500 shield points. Equipping the Bleeding Key will not really influence your survivability and you can play whatever build you want.
  • Rhino: You can easily counteract the Bleeding Key with a good ‘Iron Skin’ build, which doesn’t care for your health pool at all.
  • Trinity: Doesn’t matter if you bring your EV build for lots of overshields or a Blessing build for 75% damage reduction, the effects of the Bleeding Key are not problematic at all on your Trinity.
  • Invisibility Warframes: Loki or Ivara are great choices, simply because you don’t care about your health pool if you can’t get hit by enemy attacks.

Best Warframes for Decaying Key (-75% Shield)

  • Inaros: Bringing a Warframe with no shields will totally negate the negative side effect of the Decaying Key and make the mission super easy.
  • Nidus: Same reasoning applies here – The Great Nidus already has no shields, so there are no negative side effects from equipping the Decaying Key.
  • Rhino: Again, Rhino and his ‘Iron Skin’ ability are a great way to counteract the problems the reduced shields might bring.
  • Invisibility Warframes: The same logic we used for the Bleeding Key also applies for the Decaying Key. If you are invisible you don’t care about lower shields.

Best Warframes for Extinguished Key (-75% Damage)

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which Warframe you bring here.

If you plan on doing some Vault Runs with a four-man-team you don’t really need to think about bringing a lot of damage.

If your Hobbled Key player doesn’t bring a Speed Volt, you should pick that with the Extinguished Key. Otherwise play whatever you do like most.

Best Warframes for Hobbled Key (-50% Speed)

Hobbled Key (-50% speed)

  • Volt: Bringing a Speed Volt into the mission will not only help out your team, but is also a great way to negate the slowing effect of the Hobbled Key.
  • Wisp: Bringing Wisp into the mission while having a Hobbled Key equipped isn’t bad at all as long as you find a good build to maximize the effects of your Haste Mote. Try to put them in front of your group so they don’t have to move back to get the haste effect at the start of the mission.
Get the artifact in the Orokin Vault, then head towards extraction.

Playing alone (Orokin Vault Solo)

Equipping more than one key can already heavily influence your performance in a Vault Run, but if you really want to play the mission in solo mode you do need to have all four keys equipped to really have a 100% chance to open the Orokin Vault.

Even though that does sound like a big problem there are a few Warframes that can achieve this and make sure your run isn’t going to be a total disaster.

Here are our suggestions for Warframes to pick:

  • Rhino: A tanky Rhino is nearly unkillable, especially against the enemies you will encounter on Orokin Derelict missions. Just make sure to bring a good weapon to kill the capture target and lower level mobs.
  • Nezha: If you use a nice and tanky ‘Warding Halo’ build you should also be able to equip all four Dragon Keys without any performance issues. Bring a strong weapon and you are good to go.
  • Loki: Being invisible makes the whole mission super easy. You don’t care about shields, health pool or your damage output all that much and the speed reduction isn’t super noticeable. All in all Loki is a great choice for a solo run!

Finding the Orokin Vault door can sometimes be troublesome, especially if you play alone.

Make sure to open your map (press the ‘M’ key) and look for every door or potential tunnel you can find. Otherwise doing the solo run shouldn’t be super hard, especially if you already have done some runs on the map and know exactly where to look.


Doing Vault Runs is one of the best ways to improve your weapons and Warframes, simply because the mod drops from the Orokin Vault are very strong.

The best way is to find a four-man-team and just rush through the mission. Bring your best Warframe, don’t forget to equip a Dragon Key and you will be able to find a lot of rare mods in no time.

It is also a great idea to farm the Orokin Vault and sell the mods you don’t need to get a little bit of extra Platinum.

If you think we missed something important or if you have another idea, let us know in the comments and help out the community with your knowledge!

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