Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt

Once per week you are able to go to Maroo’s Bazaar (Mars) and ask Maroo for the Ayatan Treasure Hunt – a short mission that will guaranteed reward you with an Ayatan Sculpture.

Even though it is totally random what sculpture you will get, doing this mission every week is very beneficial.

The Ayatan Sculptures aren’t just for decoration, but can also be fully socketed (with Cyan Ayatan Stars and Amber Ayatan Stars) and then sold to Maroo for a lot of Endo.

While the mission itself is very fast and can be done in just a few minutes, newer players oftentimes have problems with solving the Parkour part.

This guide will talk a bit about what you need to look out for, how the whole treasure hunt works and what else you should keep in mind.

Find Maroo’s Bazaar To Start

To start the mission you can either directly navigate to Mars and click on ‘Maroo’s Bazaar‘ or simply find the alert tab in your Star Chart Navigation and use that to get directed to the right node.

If you can’t see Maroo’s Treasure Hunt in the alert tab then you already did the mission for the week and you need to wait for the weekly reset to do it again.

Once you’ve loaded into the bazaar, head into the station, find Maroo and talk to her. Accept the mission and after a short countdown you will be loaded into either the Orokin Void tileset or the Orokin Derelict tileset.

No matter what tileset the weekly mission will be played on, the process is always the same: Follow the yellow quest marker until you reach the entrance to the secret room.

Finishing the Treasure Hunt in Time

You have to start the countdown by stepping on a pressure plate, which will not only open a closed door or two, but also add drums to the background.

Step on the pressure plate to start the countdown and open the closed doors.

These drums indicate that the countdown has started and you need to hurry or the door to the secret treasure room will be closed.

So rush through the passage, reach the door before it closes and jump up to find the Ayatan Sculpture as well as a few containers that might give you a few rare mods.

The Parkour part usually requires you to either dodge lasers, jump to higher points and find another pressure plate to open a door or to simply do some long jumps to dodge a wind stream that will push you back (found in Orokin Derelict missions).

While these rooms are problematic for newer players there isn’t really anything special about them.

It is all training and movement, so even if you don’t make it in time (don’t worry, you can simply restart the mission) you can use the room to learn on where to go and how to get there.

There are also only a few different iterations, so after a few runs you will have seen everything and learned you need to know.

The Best Warframes for Ayatan Treasure Hunt

To be honest, you should be able to finish this mission with any given Warframe.

You can simply ignore all enemies in the mission, rush to the secret room and use your jumping skills (Bullet Jumps are very important) to get through the door in time.

If you want to gain a little bit of an advantage then bring a Speed Volt to gain enough speed for longer jumps or just to save a few seconds while running around.

Ember is also nice, because you can rush through the mission without every stopping and still kill enemies that might be in your way.

Even a Wisp with a good crowd control build (Shock Mote!) or an Equinox with long range ‘Maim’ are helpful and will give you the ability to fully ignore enemies.

In the end you should bring whatever Warframe you like most and feel comfortable with.

Sometimes you have to dodge lasers to get to the secret room.
if you made it in time you will find an Ayatan Sculpture and some containers.


You don’t have to do the weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt on the same day as the reset.

Luckily Digital Extremes changed the way it works and nowadays the mission will reset with the weekly reset and not longer seven days after you’ve done the mission.

So if you do the weekly hunt 30 minutes before the reset, you will be able to do it again right after the reset is done.

Doing it once per week should be one of your priorities, especially if you haven’t maxed out all the mods you want and need.

Even then the easy-to-get Ayatan Sculpture can be used for Endo later on or become a decorative part of your orbiter.

If you think we missed something important or if you want to add a question or anything else, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!

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  1. You don’t really… drive home the point of how fast you actually have to move your ass once you hit the timer. if you screw up literally one bullet jump you fail.

  2. These Treasure Hunt missions…
    The fact that these are the only things in the entire game that managed to genuinely make me mad is a testament to DE’s competency…
    Take that however you will.


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