Wukong Prime Primal Fury Prime Access Give-Away

Wukong not only did get a great overhaul with the Update 25.2, but recently also finally got his primed version! With new and old abilities the 2015 released Warframe brings a lot of fun and joy into the game. To celebrate all the Wukong Prime release, we are proud to announce a give-away together with Digital Extremes. The content? A full Primal Fury Prime Accces pack.

So what is in the package you might win? Here you go:

  • 3.990 Platinum
  • Wukong Prime
  • Zhuge Prime
  • Ninkondi Prime
  • Exclusive Wukong Prime Glyphs
  • Prime Accessories

All in all you are looking at a really great package that is not only useful for new players, but will also support veteran players as well. So go ahead, enter your email (we don’t use it for anything else but to send the winners an email with the next steps) and try to be the lucky winner!

The Rules

  • You have 72 hours to respond to our email or someone else will win your Primal Fury Prime Access Pack!
  • You don’t need to name your own account. If you want to win the give-away for a friend or clan mate, send us his account details after you’ve won!
  • The winners will be chosen at random and messaged via email. So check your spam folder from time to time!
  • This give-away is for every platform (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch)
  • The give-away ends on the 20th of July 2019, at 23:59 CEST.

By the way, if you already have Wukong or Wukong Prime and you are looking for a guide on how to build the swift Warframe, quickly jump over to our Wukong Builds Guide!

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